We met up down in Caroline
You shared yours, I shared mine.
Then somethin' crawled up your spine,
And you were on the road again.
Playin' songs and placein' bets,
Payin' dues and payin' debts,
PBRs and cigarettes,
And a shot glass full of sin.

Where are you now my old friend Thomas,
You are not lost, but you have not been found.
You left this town and you left me with a promise,
You said don't look for me, and you'll see me around.

You might be up in Omaha,
Somewhere's out near Wichita
Maybe runnin' from the law
Down in Dixie land.
Heard a rumor out near Louisian'
There's a shadow of a man
Blowin' harp in a Creole band
With a six string in his hand.

Repeat Chorus

This damned old Bible belt don't fit,
Think I'll say to hell with it,
Pick up my bags and split
Up to Montreal.
Maybe you'll be there too,
Mendin' the holes in your shoes,
We'll sit back and pick the blues,
And watch the snowflakes fall.

Repeat Chorus

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