Can you hear that sound
The one that calls your name
One that sounds like it
And never goes away
Maybe its me
I'm here with my ears to the ground
When my life begins to tumble
Can I stop and break my fall
Its just the sound
Of something that wasn't there at all
Down this road without a guide
Am I still here alive
In this place the obstacles can kill or die
Who told me about the voices
That I thought I heard inside
He said its just fear and doubt
The noise subsides the minute
That you find your way out
Tell me how was I ever to know
Stack up these things
The first one will fall
I found that there wasn't anything there at all
Knock it down, make it my own
Problems keep taking the time in my life
It makes you upset to think I just might
Lining up the answers all fall down in time
Just surrender and let it all go
If your life is bad, I wont take the blame
I wont get the rules of this meaningless game

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