This fuckin' world
Is nothing more than a test for you and I
The only way to save us is if everybody dies
Don't look at me
For who you had to be
Don't come to me for sympathy
For the environment draw out the scam
Marching out the army of the ultimate plan
Don't come to me
It's not my fault this had to be
Don't look at me for sympathy
One day the end of man will rise
Feed the apathetic propagandic lies
Create a hero
Agenda by his side
Here to serve you but not the way you think
Leading on the sensitive
The recipies is complete
Marketing visade for environmental reign
Soon only a planet will remain
Because this fuckin' world
Is nothing more than a place to hate then die
Enroll yourself
Don't ask questions, don't ask why
All you know is the environmental scheme
It's just a cover-up for my genocidal dream

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