Wasted half my fuckin' life
To learn the golden rule
But now I just can't get ahead
No matter what I do
College education and punk is what to do
I was told with proper schooling
That I'd get much more
Diplomas don't mean shit to a guy
Who sweeps the floors
It's a joke and I fell for it
A piece of paper is all I have
I keep it framed above my bed
But I'd rather have decent job instead
It only shows I wasted time
When I finished school I thought that life
Would soon be cool
Now I work at hagen-daz and feelin' like a fool
I like to dream of Wall St. when I'm sleeping in a slum
Now I'm over-qualified and still a useless bum
My accounting degree makes it so easy
To figure 40 times the minimum wage
I spend everyday handing out resumes
It's no wonder that I'm filled with this never ending rage
Gotta get a better job gotta make ends meet
To get my mind out of the gutter and
My ass off the street
Way too many graduates and far too little jobs
Feel like sending applications packed with letter bombs

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