Twisted ways blackened nights
Sin upon sin, gone is the light
Doom shall befall them all
A downward spiral they shall fall
The three, all this they see
As they try to pass god's decree

Worshiping the gods
That demand lives and sacrifice
None but the blood of infants will suffice
Fallen sparrows fall as one into a grave
They are the souls of living men
That could not be saved.

"walking the land we see
The sins of flesh and spirit flow
Bodies entwined a serpent's
Leathel kiss of venom is bestowed
Our lord watches them fall -
He stands above you all"

"son slaying father
A cain's mark upon us all
Babylon's rising, cast from heaven
We see the angels fall
When will the heavens be alight
The seasons will re-unite"

"ahavat hadasa al levavi nikshera
Ve'ani betoch gola paamay tzolelim;
Lu yesh reshut li a'ale ethabera
Toch she'arey zion asher hem nehelalim;"

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