O, lord! stop my chariot
Between the two armies until i behold
Those who stand with me, eager for battle
And with whom i must engage
In this act of war!

Riding his chariot
Between two vast armies,
Arjuna saw his brothers
And comrades on the opponent's side!

Seeing my kinsmen,
Standing with the desire to fight,
My limbs fail and my mouth becomes dry,
The bow slips from my hand
And my skin intantly burns!

I don't wish to battle with my own blood
I'm not ready to commit a great sin
By striving to slay our brothers because of greed,
For the pleasure of the kingdom.

The supreme lord:
Do not become a coward, o arjuna!
It does not befit you!
Shake off this weakness of your heart
And get up for battle!

You grief for those who are not worthy of grief
And yet speak the words of wisdom!
The wise grief neither for the living
And nor for the dead.
If you will not fight this righteous war
Then you will fail in your duties,
Lose your reputation and incur sin!

By your grace my delusion is destroyed!
I have gaint knowledge,
My confusion is dispelled
I shal obey your comand...
I shall battle!

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