A last glance bursts into scarlet flames
A void of ash is all we possess
Time has come to pay for your sins
Bury hope, may Utpavana begin

As skies turn black and eyes turn white
Thousands scars on our faces crack wide open
Innocent children - vices of the earth
Seeds of enlightenment fall to grow

Under the eyes of lying bastards
We laughed at life, yet saw many dreams
Of war and pain, of hunger and slaughter
We dug our graves and now will rest in peace

Born again, blinded by pain,
Jackals run to the light over heads of their kin
Meaningless rapture in a moment of agony
Let the circle spin, may Utpavana begin

You are the plague
You are salvation
You are the venom
You shall be no more

As a child you raise your hands
To the everlasting sky
To the heavens, which once were penetrated
In order to feed your desires

Thou shall be erased,
For the great Utpavana has begun

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