Trust cannot be trusted and I can't respect respect;

When honesty combusted in a sick inclement chest;

When tragedy is something of a freedom gone inept;

By virtue of a virtue stained, my dignity bereft.

Maybe it's the marajuana; maybe it's the pain;

Misplaced, misthought, misfelt, mismatched, misgiven by your claim.

Maybe it's the quality a better half has lacked;

Or those which you have circumscribed to mask the trashy fact.

Maybe I'm a psycho with a soft spot in my heart;

Or maybe I'm a genius with a heart that fell apart;

Or maybe I'm a simpleton who cannot see the forest;

Or maybe I'm a wicked one who purposely ignores it.

Or maybe "maybe's" not a word and what I am just is;

And what "just is" is nothing more than pain and ignorance.

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