There's a war; there's a bloodbath;

A holocaust mud path.

A revolution revisionist digenous cud mass.

Regurgitate - chew - regurgitate - chew;

And feed on the puke that the wakened will run past.

Death, dishonor, malignance; the sickest

Ridiculous fictions fixate in our visions.

The populous dirty and hungry for deep fried morality -

A small metabolic totality.

But fuck it - there's a whore out there who i lived for -

A demon i nurtured and served as a gift store -

A slut with a lucifer orifice jig-saw

That vice gripped my dick, framed my heart in a picture

Too dark to describe and i'm stuck under glass,

And my bones are too soft to dilute the diecast,

And the space between surface and ground is dissolving;

Perimeter visible, jailing around me;

The serpents of poison are sailing around me;

The angels of dishonest cunt-fuck have found me;

The fires of hell seem so cold in detention;

The world's black and white, small and losing dimension;

I can't break the glass - it'll shatter around me;

I can't break the cast cause the pressure will pound me;

I can't leave the ass cause the bastard'll hound me;

I can't keep the ass cause the bastard'll hound me;

I can't live my life cause the bastard'll hound me;

I live sacrifice cause that bastard surrounds me;

Stuck in a cheap fucking frame, under glass;

With a picture of falsehood that marks where i stand.

And a transparent ceiling that acts as the sky;

I can see past the boundaries but can't learn to fly.

This is my world that i seek to get broken;

This is the girl on whose passion i'm choking;

This is the desperate voice that's been chosen.

This is the devil - my words have been spoken.

Genocide - what?!;

Nuclear war - what?!

Poverty - what?!

Terrorism - what?!

Disease and death - what?!

Hypocrisy - what?!

The only wrong in my world is a slut.

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