Fucking profound?

What the fuck have you found?

Where the fuck have you been?

Where the fuck is your crown?

Who the fuck made you feel like you've done something right?

Like mediocrity stopped to see prophecy light?

Like feeding property poverty 'properly' might feed your sovereign monocracy chasing my odyssey?

Characters thicken the plot;

You let the gas leak til recptors can set off a spark;

As the brain is the core and the world is the figment;

Imagination is truth - Their opinion's malignant.

The center of existence, and the only thing real

Is not what your hear, smell or touch, see or feel;

But what you create in your mind as the vision of life;

Now engage, act, and never think twice;

Nova, we've been through a lot, and I'm honestly not gonna hop on this train called security.

Maybe we've traded our brain for impurity;

Surely I haven't been evil incurably;

Sorely I've mismatched my goal for maturity;

Never discourage me - Where would my courage be?


Can't leave my passion for currency; Much less regress in the stress striken mess that is currently

Blessing my 'future' with rich independency;

I'll stab at that artery endlessly.

I'll grab all the breath and I'll strangle relentlessly;

Till no more breath's left in the chest of that legacy.

And I know your philosophy's sitting across from me;

Waiting for weakness to show me the source of the

Misguided visions, impulsive decisions, collisions of wisdoms, and internal sorcery.

Often we forcefully offer the course which we feel reinforces the source of our coffers;

But I'm not thinking money, I'm thinking regret;

And that's why I do, while you seek to prevent;

I won't find myself without youth to attempt,

Having accomplished no part of our nature's intent.

Your enemy is struggle - My enemy is boredom

Your life is a puzzle - My life is a portion

Of something eternal escaping abortion

Of magnificant dreams, cause I never ignore them.

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