Sorry, but lying and posting up in subliminal text will never get Passed,
We clearly can see your more ass than 100 pages of the Playboy Mag.
But thats irrelevant, I could just post a few bars that question Intelligence,
Cuz your mind is absent of good flow like Black children and Negligence,
And this is the Contestant, A Newbie, Gran Thef trying get a Reference,
You in the Mix with Killer but this shit dont help fags with a Sexual preference,
This is only development, shedding the extra weight like dietary supplements,
Like when Killer and Hitler murdered Mil.s when we controlled the Nazis Government,
Gran Thef, no petty thef, your inferior, could not steal a caravan with that Criteria,
You could hold hostage a Morgue and fail at capturing cases of Malaria,
I see a pussy, Damn tasty and eatable, no lie I enjoy the Aroma,
Nobody matched my persona, I got crazy prices, get you half off a rental Coma...
Or the specialty for Gran Thef, a Flight Jacket with a reversal zip up Body Bag...
A John Doe tag, and a mummified pipe broken off in his Ass,
If it happens that me Killer happens to win this battle, prepare for Violence,
Cuz the whole forum will join forces against me Killer vs the Gay Alliance,
Gran thef is all glory, with his fabricated stories, I depicted hes not Villain,
Go head a lose your mind, you aint crazy just a little hazy from popping P enicillin,
Fuck you and your momz, but mostly your moms and her salivary Glands,
I swear she could suck my ribs in deeper than Hostages of murderous Afghans,
I have a poisonus flow, part Phython, have you tembling sweating in your Nylon,
Your a Superbitch, just one touch of the Kryton, will have this Kid Bloodier than a Tampon.

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