Short on cash, got gats on credit, and dept to repay...
(So send some bombs through the FED EX.)

Hate comes on levels, hopefully this will never escalate,
Or graduate to a man hit by many shells, left disregarded a new face to renovate,
I evaporate groups of eight, black or white cuz slugs don't discrimnate,
But anyways, Whats a society without a killer,
Or a sniper at a birthday party,
And I hardly regard these, whack ass cats,
I send bullets by the dose, and give manual threapy with the aluminum bat,
Fuck e-mailing, lets commet the murders, homcides,
Holocaustal events and the Genocide,
I don't keep shit political, I'm addressing you,
Like these Nike Bullets Do intercourse with your FUBU.

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