Intro:Yeah, Bring It OnLet me see what youve gotBring it to them now, its on!
Rap1:After years and years, a new job, the dayll be talkingmy ears are tired, not the bullshit begin to walkingThe stop signs that be on the road to paradise,make a man wanna stop and think about his life twice,theres many ways of getting payed in the world today,but remember, youre not wanna be gone til novemberForget the new jack, and the new stax smack,learn a lesson homie, and bring the old school backYou see, the people of the day, be keepin their faith,hangin on cause they know a new done, brings a new dayAnd when the sun shines bright all the clowds are gone,you can believe in the boogie, cause the boogie is on
Chorus:(Bring it on, bring it on) One life of livin, people movin on, bring it on (aha)(Bring it on, bring it on) One life of livin, people movin on, on and on(check one two)
Rap2:Now remember back when, when it all was good,not a whole lotta fight, just funk in the hood,think about those days, somethin trip,dream about in your own age, or with a brake,pump it out and leave your cold cage,and be the jam when you stand up on the stageWhatta time that will be fo whats on the halv instead of crimewe can all be together and laugh, aha!
Chorus x 1
Bring it on, people movin on, movin on (aha)Bring it on, people movin on, movin on
Rap3:Now the purple doves cry, its raining now, but dons ask whycause it will stop, ask me how I know, please understandThis is the touch that make a pray of an old manhe told me this so now I just cant believewhen the beams start to shine and all the trips have to leave on the done of the eveA brand new day, step outta way while Ill say...
Chorus x 1

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