In a dawning pale age of infernal works of treachery
A demonic bull god is revered and worshipped

In the shores of a territory doomed to embrace
The fury of the mighty sea god's curse
A broken oath is sentenced, as the mighty tide is blown
Carrying spells of unnatural lust to unify god and man

Howls of a demon queen, seduced to an enslaving desire
Inhuman passion to an animal lust, bathed on sperm, scorpions and snakes

The offspring of an aberration was cast, to unify god and man
Mighty child, half man, half beast, shall be thrown into the twisting maze

Minotaur - to unify god and man

Hunger lord of the labyrinth, ferocious as merciless
Worshipped as god feared, as killer-devourer of children and women's flesh

Minotaur - to unify god and man

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