Hollow lies as the throne rises
Ministry of deception
Filthy rackets undergournd
Buried deep in

Slush funds, depraved schemes
Hidden crimes desclosed by leaks
Drug trafficking, tax evasion (intoxicates)
Turpitude rips the nation (no salvation)

Engaged to spread words of emptiness
Disparity mounts as you redefine
Outright decay, outright despair
The burden of alienation

Mendacity of self and state
Swaying the masses
With their vomited plague
Terminal greed, a hunger always undone
Bloodsucking sycophant

Duplicity nurturing the fraud
Crooked supremacy
Improbity is all around
Framed in hatred

Destined to reign a land of pestilence
Morality fades as we realize
Outright decay, outright despair
The harvest of alienation

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