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I'm Amazed (Feat. Jim Brickman)

Lila McCann

Used To Feel Like Rain Fell Down
even In The Sun
every Dream I Ever Had
always Came Undone
so How Is It Possible
i'm In Your Arms Tonight

i'm Amazed
how You Found Your Way
to My Heart
drove Through The Dark
it's So Strange How Life Changes
and Suddenly
you're Lovin' Me
and I'm Amazed
i'm Amazed

feel So Safe Inside Your Kiss
like I'm Comin' Home
i Never Could Imagine This
when I Was On My Own
now Nothing's Impossible
when I'm Lookin' In Your Eyes


a Fuller Life For Me
i Can't Believe
that After All This Time
i'm Smilin' Again
and I Don't Know When
i've Been More Alive


every Dream I Ever Had
always Came Undone

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