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I Will Be

Lila McCann

Caught in the downpour of a rain of stones
Felt like an exile in the world I had known
So I sought the shelter of my own soul and stayed inside
Words that were sharper then the winter wind
No longer had the power to pierce my skin
And they may not stop but I wont take them in
And I won't hide

I will be here
I will be strong
I'll face my fears

When the night is long
And still go on
I will be brave
I will be bold
Follow my faith
To a higher road
And I'm not there yet
But I will be

I could choose to keep my feet upon the narrow path
Never cross the open field for that one snake in the grass
But I'd rather risk my heart than never get the chance
To find my way

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Composição: Bob Farrell / Tanya Leah. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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