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Bring On The Heartache

Lila McCann

oh oh youre bringing on the heartache
that no words can explain
when everything is perfect
why do i feel all this pain?

youre always on my mind
but then i call you just a friend
does that mean
that im lying to myself then?

cuz im so tired
and ive given it my all
im trying so hard
not to fall (for you)

ive never been more confused or more sure
about the same thing
i just know that this is different
than any past fling

could I be going crazy?
is this even real?
i cant even tell
what it is that I feel

but I know that if i could
i would wish for you too see
just how happy
youre making me

is it possible to be in love
and not know it?
If you hold it back,
Will time eventually show it?

And tell me
what do you think love is?
It seems so overrated
But could it be this?

Now if i kissed you
what would you do?
Would you back away...
or would you kiss me too?

Please be honest, am I alone?
Its pouring down rain
in my heartache

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