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...Towards The Limits Of Death And Passions...


I find solitude in your look
Darkness in the infinite course of the time
Stayed astonished by the strong passion
We are Eternal Fire flaming in the universe

...I felt your tears, frozen for the cold winter
Like fagging stars, the secret of the oblivious
The death could not be an absolute final
We should discover the AZOE, the Astral light...

Can you hear the confused shouts of the stars?
In your travel in the Cosmic Infinite, the past and future
Can you perceive the Ethereal Energy?
It is the Flame of the Human Spirit

...The cold dawn embrace us in their atmosphere
We went toward the limits of Death and Passion
I could see through my mind the melancholies of your soul
In the deepest waters of the lake, darkened by your absence.

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