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Under The Liliths Spell


...The time is passing; my feeling's been gone
Together with You in the Mist
Princess of the Dark, Fiercest Lover
Be always at my side... Forever...

The Crying of the Wolves, Under the Moon's Light
Wondering, Traveling is my soul, to find You in the Cold Rain
To find the Eternal Light, whish makes me One, with All
The Analogy makes visible the invisible,
Which will be to the End of Times... Forever.

...My Dear Princess, my Love
Wild Instinct is what You have
My Dear Princess, be there for Me
You're the Mirror of all Ages...

Like the Gravity and the Strength of the Universe
Two distant poles, the same all Divinity
Through the Times, Through the Pentagram
Just an open Reality to share

In my mind appears the fear of losing control
And the Flame of My Spirit gone with You
To the end. Through the Dark Abyss
Passing across the Universe

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