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The Conquering Of The Eternal Wisdom Pt.1


Throught the hours that I pass sunken in the abyss

I could drive my life thanks to the darkness
The wisdom in reality searches for us
We like Dark Angels followed it

I traveled through my dreams, in order to arrive to you,
The fleeting echoes of my soul they began to vibrate
The infinite strength, that balances and you/he/she/it balance
It is the art of could balance the movement

...In order to attract is necessary crate a void
Charmed, the weak succumb in front of our power
The who he/she/it/you is in reality our only Ethereal essence
The Wisdom, the serpent, the Eternal Mirror...

We are spirits that wonder in conquering
Of destroy and volatize the pain and the ignorance
We are radiant souls, creatures of energy
The same Universal and Eternal Energy

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