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Gotten Me Hooked, Part 2: Every Little Thing

Ly Victor

Oh girl
Why am I without you?
When you're the only one I want?
You've got me hooked on you baby
What can I do to get with you?
Be with you?
Stay with you?
And make you feel the same way I do?

Every little thing you do
Makes me wanna fall for you
And every time that I see you
It makes me wanna get close to you
So why am I still here
Sad and going crazy from despair
Cause baby you've got no clue
that I like you

I see you five days a week
The other two days are filled with bleak
All week long I've got you on my mind
If I can't see you, I might as well be blind
Cuz every little thing you do
Makes me go crazy all over you

I don't want you girl
I need you girl
I don't like you girl
I love you girl
You're not everything in the world
You're only the most precious things
You don't mean a thing to me
because you mean everything to me


No matter how I think of you
no one can compare next to you
You're all of that to me
Yes you are
Since that one look at your face
I've been waiting for our embrace
One touch of your hand
And I wanted you to understand


You're gotten me hooked honey
Now you're the only one in my world
Why can't I let you know?
That you're the only one that matters to me?


Chorus (Until Fades Out)

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