Missed My Chance To Dance

Ly Victor

Trying my best to dance
if only I can move my feet
Trying hard not to glance
but I know I'm too weak
I'm looking for the girl
so I stare off to the side
She's my entire world
but it's all kept inside

I see faces pasted with smiles
and my ears hear only laughter
The numbness slowly pile
and my vision begin to blur
I think I'm starting to drown
in everyone's happiness
I feel like I'll soon fall down
way too stressed and depressed

Now I just found a seat
away from the dance floor
But I'm still caught in the heat
as I search quickly for a door
It's hard to see in this dark
and the lights are all too dim
As my eyes search I see a spark
but my "spark" is next to him

The two of them dance together
as my eyes begin to look on
A soft whimper is all I utter
for my breath is already gone
She dazzles through the crowd
in her beautiful bright red dress
She seems to float on a cloud
next to her everyone's just a mess

The music continue to blast
and I make out the song they play
I hear "Save The Best For Last"
as I try hard to move away
Why can't I be the one
to have her by my side?
Why does he have all the fun
while I have feelings I must hide?

The celebration doesn't stop
for everyone who is around me
They're dancing until they drop
but I'm already on my knees
A weak smile is all I can offer
as I falsely greet my friends
Inside I continue to suffer

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