Just Wanted You To Know

Ly Victor

Our love lasted forever
But forevers come and go
And I'll stop loving you never
I just wanted to let you know

Our love was never-ending
But our love somehow died
We lived on angels' wings
But even angels have cried

I loved you so much
But I had to let you go
I still long for your touch
I just wanted you to know

Our love was so strong
And you know that it was true
But something just went wrong
And we didn't make it through

Dreams of being together for always
Now I know they won't come true
Wanted to be with you for all days
But now I'm left in the blue

Now we are apart
But I still love you so
I would never change my heart
I just wanted to let you know

Our love was so sweet
We were the perfect pair
You made my life complete
I want so much to have you here

Our love was so great
You told me to take it slow
I remember our first date
I just wanted to let you know

You were the girl of my dreams
So I always treated you right
There were bad times, it seemed
But I always held you tight

"Eternity" was what you promised
But all your words were empty
I long for one last kiss
Just so I'm set free

You said you would love me
But all your words were lies
Now I can finally see
But I still wonder why

So what happened to our love
Why aren't we together now
We were blessed by angels and doves
So how did God allow

Forever isn't measured by time
It's measured by one's love
Up mountains I would climb
But I never found anything up above

We promised we would love each other
And everyday our love would grow
But somehow you found another
I still think about our love...
...I just wanted you to know

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