1. Crazy Gnarls Barkley
  2. Innerbloom Rufus
  3. Virtual Insanity Jamiroquai
  4. Ebony Eyes Rick James
  5. Seven Days In Sunny June Jamiroquai
  6. Just Like the Wind (part. Peter Fontaine) Tony Garcia
  7. More Than I Can Say Leo Sayer
  8. Baby I Need Your Loving Carl Carlton
  9. Super Freak Rick James
  10. Space Cowboy Jamiroquai
  11. Cosmic Girl Jamiroquai
  12. So Tell Me, Tell Me Shavonne
  13. Who's Gonna Save My Soul? Gnarls Barkley
  14. You Were Right Rufus
  15. This Is The Way We Live (Saints Remix) Baby Boy Da Prince
  16. When I Need You Leo Sayer
  17. So Very Hard To Go Tower Of Power
  18. Going On Gnarls Barkley
  19. The Way I Live Baby Boy Da Prince
  20. El Tesoro El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  21. Love Foolosophy Jamiroquai
  22. Porca (part. Robertha Portella) Nicole Bahls
  23. Maggot Brain Funkadelic
  24. I Can't Live Without You (feat. Angelique) Tony Garcia
  25. 16 Toneladas Funk Como Le Gusta
  26. Who's Holding Donna Now Debarge
  27. All This Love Debarge
  28. Give It to Me Baby Rick James
  29. Running In And Out Of My Life The Bar-Kays
  30. You Give Me Something Jamiroquai
  31. Blue Skies Jamiroquai
  32. Rhythm Of The Night Debarge
  33. You Get Me Hot Jimmy Bo Horne
  34. Corner Of The Earth Jamiroquai
  35. Profissional do Sexo (part. Dani Bolina) Nicole Bahls
  36. Little L Jamiroquai
  37. Jungle People Soulful Dynamics
  38. She´s A Bad Mama Jama Carl Carlton
  39. La força de la remor Burman Flash
  40. Another Night Tony Garcia
  41. Funky Little Beat Connie
  42. Can You Get To That Funkadelic
  43. Word Up! Cameo
  44. Automaton Jamiroquai
  45. neyo
  46. A La Mierda Skap
  47. Talullah Jamiroquai
  48. Too Young To Die Jamiroquai
  49. El Mundo Extraño El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  50. Forever (part. Reinald-O) Tony Garcia
  51. Don't Take Your Love Lydia Lee Love
  52. Cloud 9 Jamiroquai
  53. My Sweet Love Tony Garcia
  54. (Don't) Give Hate a Chance Jamiroquai
  55. Citizens Alice Russell
  56. I Like Your Style Tower Of Power
  57. Bad Girls Jamiroquai
  58. Summer Girl Jamiroquai
  59. Only You Jesus Ada
  60. Carrossel Banda Black Rio
  61. Alright Jamiroquai
  62. Mary Jane Rick James
  63. Say a Prayer For Me Rufus
  64. Mandamentos Black Gerson King Combo
  65. Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On Funkadelic
  66. We Can do It Jamiroquai
  67. King For A Day Jamiroquai
  68. Amigo do Amigo Skowa e a Máfia
  69. Baby It's You Smith
  70. Take Me Rufus
  71. Los Hijos Bastardos de la Gbalizacion Skap
  72. The Show Most Go On Leo Sayer
  73. Jingle, Jangle, Jingle Kay Kyser
  74. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel Tower Of Power
  75. Dancing To Your Music Archie Bell & The Drells
  76. I'd Rather Be With You Bootsy Collins
  77. Suena Gerardo Mejia
  78. A Dream Debarge
  79. El Vals Del Obrero Skap
  80. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Leo Sayer
  81. Love Rollercoaster Ohio Players
  82. I Testify Ada
  83. Falling Jamiroquai
  84. Good Thoughts Bad Thoughts Funkadelic
  85. St Elsewhere Gnarls Barkley
  86. Act Like You Know Fat Larry's Band
  87. Dance Across the Floor Jimmy Bo Horne
  88. Free Your Mind (And Your Ass Will Follow) Funkadelic
  89. High Times Jamiroquai
  90. When You Gonna Learn? Jamiroquai
  91. I Promised You (feat. Eye 2 Eye) Tony Garcia
  92. Fuego El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  93. Stay The Controllers
  94. Canned Heat Jamiroquai
  95. You and I Rick James
  96. Just a Thought Gnarls Barkley
  97. Crazy Alice Russell
  98. Smiley Faces Gnarls Barkley
  99. Hurry On Now Alice Russell
  100. De Sol a Sol Funk U
  101. Sun Is Here Sun
  102. Entrando Na Sua Funk Como Le Gusta
  103. Everyday Jamiroquai
  104. Time Won't Wait Jamiroquai
  105. Panicats (part. Juju Salimeni) Nicole Bahls
  106. Smile Jamiroquai
  107. I Can Understand It (feat. Kenny C.) Tony Garcia
  108. Forty Days Funk Como Le Gusta
  109. Easy To Love Leo Sayer
  110. Don't Let Me Go (part. Wickett Rich) Tony Garcia
  111. One Nation Under A Groove! Funkadelic
  112. I Like It Debarge
  113. Cannabis Skap
  114. Run Gnarls Barkley
  115. Express Yourself Charles Wright and The Watts
  116. Mis Colegas Skap
  117. Sexta-Feira Carioca Banda Black Rio
  118. What What (In The Butt) Samwell
  119. All Good In The Hood Jamiroquai
  120. Something About You Jamiroquai
  121. Take Me In Your Arms Tony Garcia
  122. Shake It On Jamiroquai
  123. Defenseless Forever Came Calling
  124. Destino de Abril The Green Car Motel
  125. Runaway Jamiroquai
  126. El Olvidado Skap
  127. Morning Glory Jamiroquai
  128. Ya es navidad Skap
  129. Now And Forever Nyasia
  130. I Wonder If I Take You Home Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
  131. Espana Va Bien Skap
  132. Praia e Futebol Janballay
  133. Atropelamento e Fuga Skowa e a Máfia
  134. Can You Feel The Beat Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
  135. La Noche Eterna El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  136. Vem Funk Como Le Gusta
  137. Starchild Jamiroquai
  138. Flava Mmc
  139. El Libertador Skap
  140. Jesus Friend of Sinners Paul Oakley
  141. Good Time Tonight Kool The Gang
  142. Intifada Skap
  143. Canto a La Rebelión Skap
  144. Blow Your Mind Jamiroquai
  145. El Gato Lopez Skap
  146. Emergency On Planet Earth Jamiroquai
  147. Romero El Madero Skap
  148. Casa Forte Banda Black Rio
  149. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me Nancy LaMott
  150. Keep On D. Train
  151. Funk Brother Soul Gerson King Combo
  152. Candy Cameo
  153. Ska-Pa Skap
  154. Deeper Underground Jamiroquai
  155. La Mosca Cojonera Skap
  156. É Só Você Chegar Funk U
  157. Dirty Old Man (feat. Gussie Blocker) Tony Garcia
  158. Drifting Along Jamiroquai
  159. Sea Of Love The Honeydrippers
  160. Strawberry letter 23 Brothers Johnson
  161. She's a bad mama jama Carl Carlton
  162. Always And Forever Heatwave
  163. Hot Property Jamiroquai
  164. Picture Of My Life Jamiroquai
  165. Butterfly Jamiroquai
  166. Funk Funk Cameo
  167. Trust in you Paul Oakley
  168. Más o Menos Bien El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  169. Give Me Your Love Again Dtwice
  170. Black Capricorn Day Jamiroquai
  171. Stillness In Time Jamiroquai
  172. Today Is The Day The Bar-Kays
  173. Mulher a sério Sky
  174. Ghetto Life Rick James
  175. Maria Fumaça Banda Black Rio
  176. Where do We Go From Here Jamiroquai
  177. Carla Jamiroquai
  178. Nova Guanabara Banda Black Rio
  179. Crazy (remix) Gnarls Barkley
  180. Here I Am Paul Oakley
  181. Fix My Eyes Paul Oakley
  182. Péna Éstrad (Hit the Road Jack) Mo' Horizons
  183. Siente 'o Fank 99 Posse
  184. G7 99 Posse
  185. Olhos Coloridos Banda Black Rio
  186. Lunchmeatophobia (Think... It Ain't Illegal Yet!) Funkadelic
  187. Nobody Cares (About Me) Baby Washington
  188. Anticipation The Bar-Kays
  189. Corto Circuito 99 Posse
  190. Happy Rick James
  191. Coming Alive Paul Oakley
  192. You're The One For Me D. Train
  193. Circo Iberico Skap
  194. Fuego Y Miedo Skap
  195. Meu Guarda-Chuva Funk Como Le Gusta
  196. Curre Curre Guagliò 99 Posse
  197. Here With Me Sun
  198. Amor De Luz Alan
  199. Alguien Que Lo Merece El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  200. Lovegangsta Bootsy Collins
  201. Funktion Jamiroquai
  202. El Imperio Caera Skap
  203. Why Can't You Be Mine (feat. Wickett Rich) Tony Garcia
  204. Life Begins With You Debarge
  205. Use The Force Jamiroquai
  206. Consumo Gusto Skap
  207. A Festa Funk U
  208. I Want Your Love (feat. Angelique) Tony Garcia
  209. The End Leo Sayer
  210. Sem Amor Funk Como Le Gusta
  211. Por La Verdad Gerardo Mejia
  212. All Alone Alice Russell
  213. Do It Again (feat. Cheeky Blakk) Galactic
  214. Love Me In A Special Way Debarge
  215. Hurtin' Jamiroquai
  216. Seguimos En Pie Skap
  217. I Can't Stop Loving You (though I Try) Leo Sayer
  218. Mi próximo movimiento El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  219. Share My World Debarge
  220. Travelling Without Moving Jamiroquai
  221. Sexo Y Religion Skap
  222. Naipe Funk U
  223. Ecstasy Ohio Players
  224. Shake Your Body Freestylers
  225. Mujeres Bellas y Fuertes El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  226. Move Your Boogie Body The Bar-Kays
  227. TiO Sam Skap
  228. Half The Man Jamiroquai
  229. Dynamite Jamiroquai
  230. Dr. Buzz Jamiroquai
  231. Verguenza Skap
  232. Wild Spain Skap
  233. Livre Pra Viver Funk U
  234. Don't Stop The Rock Freestylers
  235. Lost In Emotion Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
  236. Can You See The Light Brass Construction
  237. In Your Name Ada
  238. Nuevos Discos El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  239. Love's Train Con Funk Shun
  240. Tomar No Cu Again (part. Rodrigo Capella) Nicole Bahls
  241. Mestizaje Skap
  242. Can't You See (You Doin' Me Wrong) Tower Of Power
  243. In My Dreams (feat. Reinaldo) Tony Garcia
  244. Go Go Gadget Gospel Gnarls Barkley
  245. Cheta Ada
  246. Fun Con Funk Shun
  247. Besame Mama Funk Como Le Gusta
  248. Somos do Funk Funk Como Le Gusta
  249. Salve Geral Banda Black Rio
  250. Flowers Carl Carlton
  251. Nights Out in the Jungle Jamiroquai
  252. Spank Jimmy Bo Horne
  253. Fuk New York Blatz
  254. Chica Rutera El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  255. Gotta Go Gotta Go (C&J Radio Mix) Bootsy Collins
  256. Pro Que Der e Vier Gerson King Combo
  257. Crimen Sollicitationis Skap
  258. Keep Your Monster On A Leash Tower Of Power
  259. Charity Case Gnarls Barkley
  260. Play At Your Own Risk Planet Patrol
  261. Dejame Besar Tus Ojos Armando Palomas
  262. You Are My Love Jamiroquai
  263. Mestizaje Skap
  264. Se Acabó Skap
  265. El Pueblo Unido 99 Posse
  266. Cracks (feat. Belle Humble) Freestylers
  267. Peaceful Journey Fat Larry's Band
  268. Rayo Vallecano Skap
  269. Funky Worm Ohio Players
  270. Fire and Desire Rick James
  271. Music For My Mother Funkadelic
  272. I'm The One Nyasia
  273. P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) Bootsy Collins
  274. Pandemia, S.L. Skap
  275. I Want To Be Free Ohio Players
  276. I Wanna Know If It's Good To You Funkadelic
  277. I Don´t Want To Miss A Thing Victor Estevez
  278. Rico Suave Gerardo Mejia
  279. Let It Be Leo Sayer
  280. Saddle Up David Christie
  281. To Dust Alice Russell
  282. Listen To My Heart Nancy LaMott
  283. O Pó da Vovó Dennys Duran
  284. E Moisés Falou Gerson King Combo
  285. I'm In The Mood For Love Jamiroquai
  286. What Is Hip Tower Of Power
  287. Funk de Bamba Funk Como Le Gusta
  288. Sfumature 99 Posse
  289. Magia do prazer Banda Black Rio
  290. Saci Pererê Banda Black Rio
  291. They Long To Be (Close To You) Jimmy Bo Horne
  292. We Want The Funk Gerardo Mejia
  293. Neighbors Gnarls Barkley
  294. Woody Woodpecker Kay Kyser
  295. Push Up Freestylers
  296. Heart Too Hot To Hold Jesse Johnson
  297. Fight To Win Femi Kuti
  298. Sunny Jamiroquai
  299. Manual do Funk Nacional Funk Como Le Gusta
  300. Girl You Hear Me Crying (part. N.V.) Tony Garcia
  301. I Get Lifted Jimmy Bo Horne
  302. The Song Is Familiar Funkadelic
  303. I Miss My Baby Funkadelic
  304. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition Kay Kyser
  305. Gangster Of Love Johnny Guitar Watson
  306. Turn & Run Alice Russell
  307. The Shadow Of Your Smile Nancy LaMott
  308. Eu Vou Pisar No Soul Gerson King Combo
  309. Stay With Me Debarge
  310. Feel So Good Jamiroquai
  311. Kemalo Skap
  312. A Nega e o Rebolado Funk Como Le Gusta
  313. The Way She Looks At Me Tony Garcia
  314. Get Happy Jimmy Bo Horne
  315. Just Wanna Love You Tonight Average White Band
  316. Let's Get Together Smith
  317. Dancing In The Dark Jessy
  318. Feng Shui Gnarls Barkley
  319. Tudo Chato, Tudo Errado Skowa e a Máfia
  320. Love Is Just A Game Peter Brown
  321. Destrucción El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  322. Love Will Keep Us Together The James Taylor Quartet
  323. Can't Help Falling In Love Cameo
  324. Ladies Night Jamiroquai
  325. Resistencia Skap
  326. La Estampida Skap
  327. Let Me Jimmy Bo Horne
  328. Wars Of Armageddon Funkadelic
  329. Funk Gets Stronger (part 1) Funkadelic
  330. The Factory Battery
  331. If I Like It, I Do It Jamiroquai
  332. vándalo Skap
  333. Ciudadano Papagayo Skap
  334. Desert Night Rufus
  335. Mr. Funky Samba Banda Black Rio
  336. Let Me Be Your Lover Jimmy Bo Horne
  337. Everlasting Love Carl Carlton
  338. Hereditariedade Gerson King Combo
  339. Revolution 1993 Jamiroquai
  340. Villancico Skap
  341. El Tercero de La Foto Skap
  342. Olhos Coloridos Funk Como Le Gusta
  343. Alone In The Night (feat. Rei Summers) Tony Garcia
  344. Bleeding Heart Bardeaux
  345. Run To The Cross Tammy Trent
  346. Look At Me Now Jessy
  347. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait Nayobe
  348. The Office Forever Came Calling
  349. My Favorite Mutiny The Coup
  350. Bennie Man - Dude (Vocal Rmx) DJ Zinc
  351. The Key Slapbak
  352. Feels Just Like it should Jamiroquai
  353. She's A Fast Persuader Jamiroquai
  354. Superfresh Jamiroquai
  355. Planeta Eskoria Skap
  356. El Autentico Skap
  357. Legalizacion Skap
  358. Real Love Lakeside
  359. Hard to Get (Revisited) Rick James
  360. Mente do Vilão (part. Mano Brown) Banda Black Rio
  361. Alice In My Fantasies Funkadelic
  362. I'll Stay Funkadelic
  363. Joutsenlaulu
  364. Keepin' It to Myself Average White Band
  365. Whatever Gnarls Barkley
  366. Superman Lover Johnny Guitar Watson
  367. I Have Come To Love You Paul Oakley
  368. Attack Me With Your Love Cameo
  369. Spend A Lifetime Jamiroquai
  370. Solamente Por Pensar Skap
  371. El Nino Soldado Skap
  372. Lucrecia Skap
  373. É Só Você Chegar Funk Como Le Gusta
  374. You Look So Fine (feat. Angelique) Tony Garcia
  375. Sexy Ways Funkadelic
  376. Yo Soy Aquel Gerardo Mejia
  377. The Last Time Gnarls Barkley
  378. One More Chance For Love Law
  379. Chica de Oro El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  380. Different Strokes Syl Johnson
  381. Hora do Galo (part. Viviane Araújo) Nicole Bahls
  382. Feel Me Cameo
  383. Manifest Destiny Jamiroquai
  384. Look Through my eyes Rufus
  385. You Got The Love Rufus
  386. Banda black rio Banda Black Rio
  387. Biological Speculation Funkadelic
  388. Rakkaus on lumivalkoinen
  389. Só de Amor Grooveria
  390. Who Cares? Gnarls Barkley
  391. Road Thang Freak Power
  392. Heartbreaker Alice Russell
  393. Can't Stay Away Bootsy Collins
  394. Blood & Sand Smartbomb
  395. Son Of Shaft The Bar-Kays
  396. For You Cameo
  397. Hangin' Downtown Cameo
  398. Boogie Nights Heatwave
  399. Mr. Moon Jamiroquai
  400. Just Dance Jamiroquai
  401. Vitamin Jamiroquai
  402. Violencia Machista Skap
  403. Gato Lopez Skap
  404. Your Smile Rufus
  405. Ends Of The Earth Sun
  406. Oops Upside Your Head GAP Band
  407. That Was My Girl Funkadelic
  408. Com Que Roupa Grooveria
  409. She Knows Gnarls Barkley
  410. Get Up Brass Construction
  411. Terror El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  412. Soul Finger The Bar-Kays
  413. Radio Jamiroquai
  414. Hey Floyd Jamiroquai
  415. Eres una mas Skap
  416. Eres Un@ Mas Skap
  417. (to Say The Least) You're The Most Tower Of Power
  418. O Documento 99 Posse
  419. Party Train GAP Band
  420. Hit It And Quit It Funkadelic
  421. (Not Just) Knee Deep Funkadelic
  422. Can't Stand The Strain Funkadelic
  423. Moody (Saeed Younan Mix) BPT
  424. I'm Not Gonna Stop Brass Construction
  425. Navidad En Los Santos El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  426. Noches buenas El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  427. The Groove Line Heatwave
  428. Hang It Over Jamiroquai
  429. America Latina Libre Skap
  430. Make It Last (feat. Eye 2 Eye) Tony Garcia
  431. I Got A Thing You Got A Thing Everybody's Got A Thing Funkadelic
  432. If Bukowski Could See Me Now Forever Came Calling
  433. Ahora Imagino Cosas El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  434. Soul Education Jamiroquai
  435. The Kids Jamiroquai
  436. World That He Wants Jamiroquai
  437. Shoot the Moon Jamiroquai
  438. Destitute Illusions Jamiroquai
  439. Xenofobia Skap
  440. City Lies Sky
  441. Funk The Dumb Stuff Tower Of Power
  442. Drive In Funk Como Le Gusta
  443. Pack'd My Bags Rufus
  444. Fantastic Voyage Lakeside
  445. Open Your Heart (feat. Feneli) Tony Garcia
  446. Icka Prick Funkadelic
  447. Passando o Som Grooveria
  448. Oh Wot a Life Leo Sayer
  449. Storm Coming Gnarls Barkley
  450. Zoom Fat Larry's Band
  451. Do It (let Me See You Shake) The Bar-Kays
  452. Too Hot To Stop The Bar-Kays
  453. Black Devil Car Jamiroquai
  454. Upside Down (feat. Diana Ross) Jamiroquai
  455. Blablabla Skap
  456. Ni Fu Ni Fa Skap
  457. Tá Chegando a Hora Funk Como Le Gusta
  458. Baby I´m Lonely Lakeside
  459. Gimme Some Jimmy Bo Horne
  460. Friday Night August 14th Funkadelic
  461. El Aire Que Me Das (Ohe, Oha) Alan
  462. Homemade Speed Blatz
  463. I Stand Amazed Paul Oakley
  464. Moonbeam Woman Freak Power
  465. It'll Never Be Over For Me Baby Washington
  466. Assim Passam As Horas Skowa e a Máfia
  467. Lights Went Out Alice Russell
  468. Viviendo de Noche Veni Vidi Vici
  469. Freakshow On The Dance Floor The Bar-Kays
  470. Big Man Antibalas
  471. Rock Dust Light Star Jamiroquai
  472. La Colmena Skap
  473. Bajo Vigilancia Skap
  474. Unconditional Love Tower Of Power
  475. Balada de Paula Funk Como Le Gusta
  476. La Dulce Vita Funk Como Le Gusta
  477. Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother Kinky Friedman
  478. O Descobridor Dos Sete Mares Banda Black Rio
  479. Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad (The Doo Doo Chasers) Funkadelic
  480. Love (Feeling do Som) Smack
  481. Adamim Ebru Yasar
  482. Dirty Money Antibalas
  483. Why Have I Lost You Cameo
  484. Time Will Reveal Debarge
  485. Whatever It Is, I Just Can't Stop Jamiroquai
  486. Slipin' N' Slidin' Jamiroquai
  487. White Knuckle Ride Jamiroquai
  488. That's Not The Funk I Want Jamiroquai
  489. Porra al Rayo Vallecano Skap
  490. Casposos Skap
  491. Insensibilidad Skap
  492. Al Turron Skap
  493. You're Still A Young Man Tower Of Power
  494. There's Only so Much Oil on The Ground Tower Of Power
  495. The Real Deal Tower Of Power
  496. Funk Hum Funk Como Le Gusta
  497. Nunca Groove James
  498. I Want To Hold Your Hand Lakeside
  499. Baby It's You (feat. Edee) Tony Garcia
  500. Give Me Your Love (feat. Tina Elise) Tony Garcia
  501. Tomorrow Banda Black Rio
  502. Love Train GAP Band
  503. Do You Wanna Go Party KC & The Sunshine Band
  504. No Head No Backstage Pass Funkadelic
  505. March To The Witch's Castle Funkadelic
  506. How do Yeaw View You Funkadelic
  507. If I Could See You Now Nyasia
  508. If You Need Love Tammy Trent
  509. Forgive Me Tammy Trent
  510. Ieder Meisje Droomt Van Liefde (jeder Jungen Braucht Ein Madchen) Connie
  511. Pick Up The Pieces Average White Band
  512. Live-long Guarantee Carl Carlton
  513. Quero Ver Quem Vem Grooveria
  514. Living In A Fantasy Leo Sayer
  515. Necromancer Gnarls Barkley
  516. Buffalo Bill Zippers
  517. Missing Your Love Law
  518. My Wonder Paul Oakley
  519. Mean To Me Alice Russell
  520. Sobredosis de Droga El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  521. Holly Ghost (reborn) The Bar-Kays
  522. No Place For My Dream Femi Kuti
  523. Melô do Mão Branca Gerson King Combo
  524. Do You Know Where You're Coming From Jamiroquai
  525. Do It Like We Used To Do (bonus track) Jamiroquai
  526. Talulah Jamiroquai
  527. Angeline Jamiroquai
  528. sexo i religion Skap
  529. Chupones Skap
  530. Reality Show Skap
  531. Como Un Rayo Skap
  532. Gasta Claus Skap
  533. Come To A Decision Tower Of Power
  534. On The Soul Side Of Town Tower Of Power
  535. Sossego Funk Como Le Gusta
  536. Rigurgito Antifascista 99 Posse
  537. Chica Felina Groove James
  538. Magic Moments Lakeside
  539. Sweet Sticky Thing Ohio Players
  540. Missing You (feat. Lisette Rodriguez) Tony Garcia
  541. You Dropped a Bomb on Me GAP Band
  542. Better By The Pound Funkadelic
  543. Let's Make It Last Funkadelic
  544. Freak Of The Week Funkadelic
  545. Knee Deep (Not Just) Funkadelic
  546. I Feel The Way You Do Nyasia
  547. Long Distance Love Carl Carlton
  548. Estação São Bento Skowa e a Máfia
  549. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (one Take Version) Alice Russell
  550. Dance With Me Peter Brown
  551. Día de los muertos El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  552. Rock Espacial El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  553. The Promise (I'll Never Say Goodbye) Nancy LaMott
  554. Holy Ghost The Bar-Kays
  555. Estou Voltando Gerson King Combo
  556. Quero Voltar Pra Bahia Gerson King Combo
  557. Somebody Gotta Win,somebody Gotta Loose The Controllers
  558. Electric Mistress Jamiroquai
  559. Lifeline Jamiroquai
  560. Nice And Spicy Jamiroquai
  561. Simpatico Holgazan Skap
  562. Juan Sin Tierra Skap
  563. Revistas Del Corazon Skap
  564. El Mion Skap
  565. Maquis Skap
  566. Attitude Dance Tower Of Power
  567. You got to Funkifize Tower Of Power
  568. You Tower Of Power
  569. Tu Lo Chiami Dio 99 Posse
  570. Eu Não Vou Sair Groove James
  571. Who'd She Cool Ohio Players
  572. Pain Of Love (feat. W & E) Tony Garcia
  573. Aquarius Banda Black Rio
  574. Qualify And Satisfy Funkadelic
  575. Eulogy And Light Funkadelic
  576. Cosmic Slop Funkadelic
  577. Uncle Jam Funkadelic
  578. Heal My Broken Heart Nyasia
  579. One-eyed Dog Carl Carlton
  580. It's A Crying Shame Smith
  581. Head Over Heels Jessy
  582. Oh Girl Leo Sayer
  583. I Try Gnarls Barkley
  584. Waka Laka (e=mc² Mix) Zippers
  585. Devojka Od Bronza Mizar
  586. Love Land Charles Wright and The Watts
  587. Song Number 6 Freak Power
  588. At Night I Pray Baby Washington
  589. Atenção Skowa e a Máfia
  590. To Know This Alice Russell
  591. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Baby Boy Da Prince
  592. Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me Peter Brown
  593. El día del huracán El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  594. Guitarra Comunista El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  595. Amor Crucificado Dennys Duran
  596. Accept D. Train
  597. I Thank You The Bar-Kays
  598. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor Baby Charles
  599. Traitors Of Africa Femi Kuti
  600. You Make Me Work Cameo
  601. Giving me a bad name Jamiroquai
  602. Verguenza Skap
  603. Como Me Pongo Skap
  604. Radio Falacia Skap
  605. Keep Comin' Back Tower Of Power
  606. História De Amor Groove James
  607. Somebody's Watching You Rufus
  608. Something About That Woman Lakeside
  609. Skin Tight Ohio Players
  610. Urban Rapsody Rick James
  611. Don't Turn Your Back On Me (feat. Sammy Zone) Tony Garcia
  612. Deixa-me sonhar Banda Black Rio
  613. I Bet You Funkadelic
  614. Stuffs And Things Funkadelic
  615. If You Don't Like The Effects Don't Produce The Cause Funkadelic
  616. No Compute Funkadelic
  617. Don't Waste My Time Nyasia
  618. Echo on my mind Earthling
  619. Instrumental Earthling
  620. Como Un Violín Alan
  621. Revolution Avenue Carl Carlton
  622. Mujer Gerardo Mejia
  623. A real mother for ya Johnny Guitar Watson
  624. All Over Now Alice Russell
  625. Naw Meen Baby Boy Da Prince
  626. El Rey De La TV Italiana El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  627. Doctora Muerte El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  628. Soul Sista Bootsy Collins
  629. Day By Day Femi Kuti
  630. Twenty Zero One Jamiroquai
  631. Hooked Up Jamiroquai
  632. Smoke And Mirrors Jamiroquai
  633. Sargento Bolilla Skap
  634. La España De Jesulin Skap
  635. Remember Sky
  636. Diggin' On James Brown Tower Of Power
  637. Once You Get A Taste Tower Of Power
  638. Tema da Kaiser Funk Como Le Gusta
  639. Stop On By Rufus
  640. I Need You Lakeside
  641. When Wil I See You Again (feat. Wickett Rich) Tony Garcia
  642. Miss Nickelodeon Kinky Friedman
  643. What Is Soul Funkadelic
  644. This Broken Heart Funkadelic
  645. We Want The Funk Funkadelic
  646. Can I Count On Your Love Nyasia
  647. Shoeshine shuffle Carl Carlton
  648. Tell Him No Smith
  649. No me busques Victor Estevez
  650. How Long (Point of no Return) Jessy
  651. O El Cielo O El Infierno Gerardo Mejia
  652. Gone Daddy Gone Gnarls Barkley
  653. Surprise Gnarls Barkley
  654. Strip Polka Kay Kyser
  655. Telephone Bill Johnny Guitar Watson
  656. Rush Freak Power
  657. Balanço da Proa Skowa e a Máfia
  658. Living The Life Of A Dreamer Alice Russell
  659. You Should Do It Peter Brown
  660. Vienen Bajando El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  661. Diamante El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  662. Las Luces El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  663. Gotta Go Gotta Go (c&j Radio Mix) Bootsy Collins
  664. Heart of Steel Galactic
  665. In The Hole The Bar-Kays
  666. Sora Wo Mite Omou Outlaw
  667. Oyimbo Femi Kuti
  668. Good Bye Gerson King Combo
  669. Xote Das Meninas Gerson King Combo
  670. Fencewalk Mandrill
  671. Back And Forth Cameo
  672. You Wear It Well Debarge
  673. So Good To Feel Real Jamiroquai
  674. Our time is coming Jamiroquai
  675. Niño Soldado Skap
  676. Derecho De Admision Skap
  677. Sectas Skap
  678. Down To The Nightclub Tower Of Power
  679. Soul Vaccination Tower Of Power
  680. Crazy For You Tower Of Power
  681. Esplosione Imminente 99 Posse
  682. Vamos Ficar Groove James
  683. I Finally Found You Rufus
  684. It's All The Way Live Lakeside
  685. Jive Turkey Ohio Players
  686. Bustin' Out Rick James
  687. We Can Dance Away Tony Garcia
  688. Tabuleiro da Cor Banda Black Rio
  689. Dago GAP Band
  690. Atmosphere Funkadelic
  691. Who Says A Funk Band Can't Play Rock Funkadelic
  692. Undisco Kidd Funkadelic
  693. Love & Harmony Nyasia
  694. Por Nós Alan
  695. Tighten Up Archie Bell & The Drells
  696. The Last Time Smith
  697. I'll Get Over You Jessy
  698. One Man Band Leo Sayer
  699. A Little Better Gnarls Barkley
  700. Who Wouldn't Love You Kay Kyser
  701. Ain't That A Bitch Johnny Guitar Watson
  702. Saah-saah-kumba-kumba Soulful Dynamics
  703. Dance Skowa e a Máfia
  704. Let Go (Breakdown) Alice Russell
  705. Ides Forever Came Calling
  706. Rich Boy Baby Boy Da Prince
  707. Lenguas De Fuego En El Cielo El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  708. Terrorismo en la copa del mundo El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  709. Funksmanship Bootsy Collins
  710. Wile Out DJ Zinc
  711. Dem Bobo Femi Kuti
  712. Primavera Gerson King Combo
  713. She's Strange Cameo
  714. Little Boys, Dangerous Toys Cameo
  715. Stop Don't Panic Jamiroquai
  716. Bella Sin Alma Jamiroquai
  717. El Hombre Resaka Baila Ska Skap
  718. No Te Pares Skap
  719. E.T.T.s Skap
  720. Love Song Sky
  721. So I Got To Groove Tower Of Power
  722. Oakland Zone Tower Of Power
  723. Ficar Com Você Funk U
  724. Essa é Sua Vida Groove James
  725. Hold On Tight Lakeside
  726. Dance Wit' Me Rick James
  727. Take Me In Your Arms Again Tony Garcia
  728. Tem Que Ser Agora Banda Black Rio
  729. Big Fun GAP Band
  730. Back In Our Minds Funkadelic
  731. You And Your Folks Me And My Folks Funkadelic
  732. Loose Booty Funkadelic
  733. Red Hot Mamma Funkadelic
  734. Take Your Dead Ass Home Funkadelic
  735. Stronger Together (with David) Nyasia
  736. 1000 Miles Carl Carlton
  737. I Cant Stop Dancing Archie Bell & The Drells
  738. Weight Smith
  739. Perdí tu amor Victor Estevez
  740. Solo Tengo Amor Gerardo Mejia
  741. Sad Eyes Leo Sayer
  742. Online Gnarls Barkley
  743. I Need It Johnny Guitar Watson
  744. Birdie Soulful Dynamics
  745. Freak Power Freak Power
  746. Deus Me Faça Funky Skowa e a Máfia
  747. Intro Baby Boy Da Prince
  748. They Only Come Out At Night Peter Brown
  749. Escupime El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  750. Do They Funky Chicken Rufus Thomas
  751. Montego Bay The Bar-Kays
  752. Hey Você Gerson King Combo
  753. Alligator Woman Cameo
  754. Black Crow Jamiroquai
  755. Music Of The Mind Jamiroquai
  756. Everybody's Going To The Moon Jamiroquai
  757. 0.7 Skap
  758. decadencia Skap
  759. Superhero Sky
  760. You can't fall up (you just fall down) Tower Of Power
  761. Do You Wanna Tower Of Power
  762. Saudade do Jackson do Pandeiro Funk Como Le Gusta
  763. L'anguilla 99 Posse
  764. Hein?! Groove James
  765. Walkin' In The Sun Rufus
  766. What Am I Supposed to Do Ohio Players
  767. What Do You See Tony Garcia
  768. Some Kind Of Love (feat. N.V.) Tony Garcia
  769. Velhos Tempos Janballay
  770. Cholly (Funk Gettin' Ready To Roll) Funkadelic
  771. Everybody Is Going To Make It This Time Funkadelic
  772. Soul Mate Funkadelic
  773. Physical Attraction Nyasia
  774. Vampira Alan
  775. Por ti Victor Estevez
  776. Rain Jessy
  777. Another Year Leo Sayer
  778. Goodnight, Old Friend Leo Sayer
  779. Second Chance For Love Nayobe
  780. Change My Mind Freak Power
  781. Let the Beat Hit'em Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
  782. I'm The Man, That Will Find You Alice Russell
  783. They don't know Baby Boy Da Prince
  784. La Tua Notte Ada
  785. El último sereno El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  786. Walking the Dog Rufus Thomas
  787. Jeito Sexy Dtwice
  788. Jingle Black Gerson King Combo
  789. Pedaço de Bolo Nicole Bahls
  790. Rigor Mortis Cameo
  791. Main Vein Jamiroquai
  792. Just Another Story Jamiroquai
  793. Two Completely Different Things Jamiroquai
  794. Vals Del Obrero Skap
  795. Qué Puedo Decir Skap
  796. All I Want Sky
  797. Miss Trouble Tower Of Power
  798. Souled Out Tower Of Power
  799. Get The Funk Out Ma Face Brothers Johnson
  800. Over the Border Ohio Players
  801. Who's That Girl (She's Got It) Ohio Players
  802. Standing On The Top Rick James
  803. I Used To (feat. Angelique) Tony Garcia
  804. Amor natural Banda Black Rio
  805. White Horse GAP Band
  806. Get Off Your Ass And Jam Funkadelic
  807. I Call My Baby Pussycat Funkadelic
  808. Electro Cuties Funkadelic
  809. Smokey Funkadelic
  810. Rectify Your Love Nyasia
  811. For You, For Love Average White Band
  812. Queen Of My Soul Average White Band
  813. Breathe on me Carl Carlton
  814. Orchard Road Leo Sayer
  815. Drop Back Leo Sayer
  816. Would Be Killer Gnarls Barkley
  817. Please Don´t Go Nayobe
  818. I Want To Ta Ta You, Baby Johnny Guitar Watson
  819. In Love With You Freestylers
  820. Annabella Soulful Dynamics
  821. Little Jackie Wants To Be A Star Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
  822. Let Us Be Loving Alice Russell
  823. Hard and Strong Alice Russell
  824. Front Porch Sunrise Forever Came Calling
  825. Indebted Forever Came Calling
  826. Ya No Llores Baby Boy Da Prince
  827. Ficar Com Você Aerials
  828. La celebracíon del fuego El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  829. The Memphins Train Rufus Thomas
  830. Shake Your Rump To The Funk The Bar-Kays
  831. Talkin' Out The Side Of Your Neck Cameo
  832. All I Am Heatwave
  833. Goodbye To My Dancer Jamiroquai
  834. McDollar Skap
  835. Soul With A Capital "S" Tower Of Power
  836. Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream) Tower Of Power
  837. A Festa Funk Como Le Gusta
  838. Cemitério Dos Sonhos Rufus
  839. I'll Be Good To You Brothers Johnson
  840. Baby Come Back Ohio Players
  841. Party All The Time Rick James
  842. Crimes Of Love (feat. N.V.) Tony Garcia
  843. Baby Baby (feat. Lamour) Tony Garcia
  844. Good To Your Earhole Funkadelic
  845. Atomic Dog Funkadelic
  846. Electric Spanking Of War Babies Funkadelic
  847. Take Me Away (ft. George Anthony) Nyasia
  848. Lluvia Alan
  849. Coming home Carl Carlton
  850. Don't Let Love Get Down Archie Bell & The Drells
  851. Sabor de amor Victor Estevez
  852. Stuck On You Jessy
  853. There Isn't Anything Leo Sayer
  854. Giving It All Away Leo Sayer
  855. The Dancer Leo Sayer
  856. Blind Mary Gnarls Barkley
  857. Destiny Bettina
  858. Here I am, and I have come Paul Oakley
  859. Brighter than the sun Paul Oakley
  860. Louisiana Race Soulful Dynamics
  861. Dead Poets Honor Forever Came Calling
  862. Morenita Baby Boy Da Prince
  863. Amigo Piedra El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  864. Rey del terror El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  865. Meu Nome É Gerson King Combo
  866. Hot Tequila Brown Jamiroquai
  867. Never Gonna Be Another Jamiroquai
  868. Bla. bla. bla Skap
  869. Abolicion Skap
  870. El Rey Skap
  871. Agónica África Skap
  872. Travelling Infinity Sky
  873. What Happened To The World That Day Tower Of Power
  874. It Takes Two Tower Of Power
  875. É Isso Aí Funk Como Le Gusta
  876. Vinheta Naipe Funk U
  877. Love The One You're With / Sit Yourself Down Rufus
  878. Stomp Brothers Johnson
  879. Coldblooded Rick James
  880. Can't Stop Rick James
  881. Sentimental (feat. Katia) Tony Garcia
  882. Ahab The Arab Kinky Friedman
  883. Popeye The Sailor Man Kinky Friedman
  884. Save Geral Banda Black Rio
  885. Groovallegiance Funkadelic
  886. You Hit The Nail On The Head Funkadelic
  887. Jimmy's Got A Little Bit Of Bitch In Him Funkadelic
  888. Comin' Round The Mountain Funkadelic
  889. Red Hot Mama Funkadelic
  890. True Love Nyasia
  891. Same Feeling, Different Song Average White Band
  892. Work To Do Average White Band
  893. Luna De Ayer Alan
  894. Florence Carl Carlton
  895. Heart Leo Sayer
  896. Raining In My Heart Leo Sayer
  897. Thunder In My Heart Leo Sayer
  898. Tomorrow Leo Sayer
  899. Al Pativulo Machuca
  900. Run, Rabbit, Run! Smack
  901. Painkiller Freestylers
  902. Mademoiselle Ninette Soulful Dynamics
  903. See You Later Battery
  904. I Got My Mind Made Up Instant Funk
  905. Head To Toe Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
  906. Tengo Algo Para Ti Baby Boy Da Prince
  907. Sábado El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  908. El héroe de la navidad El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  909. Do You Love Me Bootsy Collins
  910. Physical Love Bootsy Collins
  911. Baby I Love You The Bar-Kays
  912. Na Trilha do Coração Gerson King Combo
  913. Puta Que Pariu (part. Viviane Araújo) Nicole Bahls
  914. I Just Want To Be Cameo
  915. Burnin' In My Heart Heatwave
  916. Planet Home Jamiroquai
  917. Scam Jamiroquai
  918. Loveblind Jamiroquai
  919. Ali El Magrebi Skap
  920. Naval Xixon Skap
  921. Welcome To Hell Skap
  922. Quienes Sois? Skap
  923. You Sky
  924. Loveland Tower Of Power
  925. Un Bel Di Vedremo 99 Posse
  926. Ain't Nobody Songs Rufus
  927. Ain't We Funkin' Now Brothers Johnson
  928. Glow Rick James
  929. Torn Between Two Lovers (feat. Lamour) Tony Garcia
  930. They Ain't Makin' Jews LiKe Jesus Anymore Kinky Friedman
  931. Syödään juodaan ja rakastellaan
  932. Minä Rakastan Sinua Nyt
  933. Cut The Cake Average White Band
  934. I Heard It Through The Grapevine Average White Band
  935. School Boy Crush Average White Band
  936. Si Pudiera Volar Alan
  937. Vivo En Ti Alan
  938. What If Jessy
  939. Grooveria Grooveria
  940. Ghosts Leo Sayer
  941. Don't Say It's Over Leo Sayer
  942. Necromancing Gnarls Barkley
  943. Open Book Gnarls Barkley
  944. Cover me Paul Oakley
  945. For A While Alice Russell
  946. I'll Be Better I Promise Forever Came Calling
  947. Mapping With a Sense Of Direction Forever Came Calling
  948. Bésame Fuerte Baby Boy Da Prince
  949. Flash Light Bootsy Collins
  950. Boogie Body Land The Bar-Kays
  951. Standing On The Outside The Bar-Kays
  952. Don't Let You Love Grown Cold Con Funk Shun
  953. Por Isso Vou Te Amando Gerson King Combo
  954. I'll Never Look For Love Cameo
  955. I Can't Help Falling In Love Cameo
  956. Hollywood Swinging Jamiroquai
  957. Eskirol Skap
  958. Navidad Skap
  959. Solamente Per Pensare Skap
  960. ¿Que puedo decir? Skap
  961. Oniomanos Skap
  962. You and I Sky
  963. Willing To Learn Tower Of Power
  964. Latina Funk Como Le Gusta
  965. Odio 99 Posse
  966. I'm A Sucker For Your Love Rick James
  967. You're The One (Krystal) Tony Garcia
  968. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) Kinky Friedman
  969. Baby Come Back Sun
  970. Preguiça Sun
  971. A Mente do Vilão - Black Rio, Mano Brown Banda Black Rio
  972. Early In The Morning GAP Band
  973. Super Stupid Funkadelic
  974. Miss Lucifer's Love Funkadelic
  975. If You Got Funk You Got Style Funkadelic
  976. Who's Got Your Love Nyasia
  977. A Love Of Your Own Average White Band
  978. Your Love Is A Miracle Average White Band
  979. Prendiendo Fuego Alan
  980. Volveré, Volverás Alan
  981. God's gift to man Carl Carlton
  982. Costa Del Sol (En Inciterende Flamenco) C. V. Jørgensen
  983. Beijo Partido Grooveria
  984. Slow Motion Leo Sayer
  985. No Time Soon Gnarls Barkley
  986. Ella Machuca
  987. Security Freestylers
  988. I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby Baby Washington
  989. All Cried Out Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
  990. Someday Alice Russell
  991. Get Up To Get Down Brass Construction
  992. Endagered Innocence Forever Came Calling
  993. ¿Donde Estás? Baby Boy Da Prince
  994. Villancico del final El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  995. Mina Chapa Quente Dtwice
  996. Uma Chance Gerson King Combo
  997. Single Life Cameo
  998. Mind Blowing Decisions Heatwave
  999. Light Years Jamiroquai
  1000. Mc dolar Skap


  1. Gnarls Barkley Gnarls Barkley
  2. Jamiroquai Jamiroquai
  3. Rufus Rufus
  4. Rick James Rick James
  5. Tony Garcia Tony Garcia
  6. Leo Sayer Leo Sayer
  7. Funkadelic Funkadelic
  8. Skap Skap
  9. El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado
  10. Debarge Debarge
  11. Carl Carlton Carl Carlton
  12. Baby Boy Da Prince Baby Boy Da Prince
  13. Banda Black Rio Banda Black Rio
  14. Funk Como Le Gusta Funk Como Le Gusta
  15. Tower Of Power Tower Of Power
  16. Shavonne Shavonne
  17. Jimmy Bo Horne Jimmy Bo Horne
  18. The Bar-Kays The Bar-Kays
  19. Cameo Cameo
  20. Gerson King Combo Gerson King Combo
  21. Ada Ada
  22. Nicole Bahls Nicole Bahls
  23. Victor Estevez Victor Estevez
  24. Funk U Funk U
  25. Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
  26. Bootsy Collins Bootsy Collins
  27. Soulful Dynamics Soulful Dynamics
  28. Skowa e a Máfia Skowa e a Máfia
  29. Ohio Players Ohio Players
  30. Archie Bell & The Drells Archie Bell & The Drells
  31. Kay Kyser Kay Kyser
  32. Alice Russell Alice Russell
  33. Lakeside Lakeside
  34. Connie Connie
  35. Burman Flash Burman Flash
  36. Yö
  37. Fat Larry's Band Fat Larry's Band
  38. Nyasia Nyasia
  39. Smith Smith
  40. Lydia Lee Love Lydia Lee Love
  41. Sun Sun
  42. The Controllers The Controllers
  43. Heatwave Heatwave
  44. Brass Construction Brass Construction
  45. Con Funk Shun Con Funk Shun
  46. Freestylers Freestylers
  47. Jessy Jessy
  48. Mmc Mmc
  49. Machuca Machuca
  50. Charles Wright and The Watts Charles Wright and The Watts
  51. Brothers Johnson Brothers Johnson
  52. Forever Came Calling Forever Came Calling
  53. D. Train D. Train
  54. Janballay Janballay
  55. Samwell Samwell
  56. 99 Posse 99 Posse
  57. GAP Band GAP Band
  58. Alan Alan
  59. Gerardo Mejia Gerardo Mejia
  60. The Green Car Motel The Green Car Motel
  61. Kinky Friedman Kinky Friedman
  62. Johnny Guitar Watson Johnny Guitar Watson
  63. Kool The Gang Kool The Gang
  64. C. V. Jørgensen C. V. Jørgensen
  65. Zippers Zippers
  66. Baby Washington Baby Washington
  67. Mo' Horizons Mo' Horizons
  68. Sky Sky
  69. The Honeydrippers The Honeydrippers
  70. Nayobe Nayobe
  71. Armando Palomas Armando Palomas
  72. Dtwice Dtwice
  73. Peter Brown Peter Brown
  74. Planet Patrol Planet Patrol
  75. Average White Band Average White Band
  76. Jesse Johnson Jesse Johnson
  77. Law Law
  78. Earthling Earthling
  79. Blatz Blatz
  80. Grooveria Grooveria
  81. Paul Oakley Paul Oakley
  82. Bardeaux Bardeaux
  83. Freak Power Freak Power
  84. BPT BPT
  85. Smack Smack
  86. Veni Vidi Vici Veni Vidi Vici
  87. The Coup The Coup
  88. Slapbak Slapbak
  89. David Christie David Christie
  90. Nancy LaMott Nancy LaMott
  91. DJ Zinc DJ Zinc
  92. The James Taylor Quartet The James Taylor Quartet
  93. Groove James Groove James
  94. Ebru Yasar Ebru Yasar
  95. Syl Johnson Syl Johnson
  96. Mandrill Mandrill
  97. Tammy Trent Tammy Trent
  98. Bettina Bettina
  99. Aerials Aerials
  100. Galactic Galactic
  101. Femi Kuti Femi Kuti
  102. Antibalas Antibalas
  103. Mizar Mizar
  104. Smartbomb Smartbomb
  105. Outlaw Outlaw
  106. Losing The Control Losing The Control
  107. Andréel Andréel
  108. Battery Battery
  109. Dee Bee Dee Bee
  110. Rufus Thomas Rufus Thomas
  111. Dennys Duran Dennys Duran
  112. Instant Funk Instant Funk
  113. GrajagaN GrajagaN
  114. Baby Charles Baby Charles
  115. X Flag X Flag
  116. Wild Style Wild Style
  117. Phil Bensen Phil Bensen
  118. Megane Megane
  119. Black Taboo Black Taboo
  120. Pocket Rocket Pocket Rocket
  121. Yoshi Yoshi
  122. Booker T & the M. G.`s Booker T & the M. G.`s
  123. The Brecker Brothers The Brecker Brothers
  124. The Funk Brothers The Funk Brothers