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Punk Rock
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  1. I Miss You blink-182
  2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day
  3. Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Clash
  4. Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day
  5. Pet Sematary Ramones
  6. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Green Day
  7. Basket Case Green Day
  8. 21 Guns Green Day
  9. The Kids Aren't Alright The Offspring
  10. Eyes Without a Face Billy Idol
  11. Poison Heart Ramones
  12. All The Small Things blink-182
  13. Jesus Of Suburbia Green Day
  14. American Idiot Green Day
  15. What's My Age Again? blink-182
  16. Dancing With Myself Billy Idol
  17. Blame It On My Youth blink-182
  18. Blitzkrieg Bop Ramones
  19. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid The Offspring
  20. Holiday Green Day
  21. Até Quando Esperar Plebe Rude
  22. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) The Offspring
  23. Adam's Song blink-182
  24. Baby, I Love You Ramones
  25. When I Come Around Green Day
  26. The Passenger Iggy Pop
  27. Candy Iggy Pop
  28. I Wanna Be Sedated Ramones
  29. Always blink-182
  30. Last Resort Papa Roach
  31. She Green Day
  32. Savior Rise Against
  33. Why Don't You Get a Job The Offspring
  34. Scars Papa Roach
  35. I Believe In Miracles Ramones
  36. With Me Sum 41
  37. First Date blink-182
  38. Self Esteem The Offspring
  39. I Don't Want To Grow Up Ramones
  40. God Save The Queen Sex Pistols
  41. London Calling The Clash
  42. Blitzkrieg Bop Ramones
  43. No Matter What Papa Roach
  44. Gone Away The Offspring
  45. Bored To Death blink-182
  46. Stay Together For The Kids blink-182
  47. American Jesus Bad Religion
  48. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend Ramones
  49. Anarchy In The U.K. Sex Pistols
  50. Want You Bad The Offspring
  51. Dammit blink-182
  52. After Midnight blink-182
  53. Rock The Casbah The Clash
  54. The KKK Took My Baby Away Ramones
  55. Pieces Sum 41
  56. Fix You Yellowcard
  57. Rebel Yell Billy Idol
  58. Only One Yellowcard
  59. Garota de Berlim Supla
  60. Feeling This blink-182
  61. Prayer Of The Refugee Rise Against
  62. Spider-Man Ramones
  63. Interesseira Supla
  64. Needles & Pins Ramones
  65. Oh Love Green Day
  66. Hit That The Offspring
  67. Freedy Krueger Pesadelo Brasileiro
  68. She's Out of Her Mind blink-182
  69. Come Out And Play The Offspring
  70. O Herói Devotos
  71. Stray Heart Green Day
  72. Still Breathing Green Day
  73. Da Da Da Trio
  74. Sorrow Bad Religion
  75. Forever Papa Roach
  76. Rose Tattoo Dropkick Murphys
  77. Consumo Plebe Rude
  78. Infected Bad Religion
  79. No Cigar Millencolin
  80. Rebel Girl Bikini Kill
  81. My Sanity Bad Religion
  82. Papai Noel Filho da Puta Garotos Podres
  83. White Wedding Billy Idol
  84. Proteção Plebe Rude
  85. Crucificados Pelo Sistema Ratos de Porão
  86. Down blink-182
  87. Give Me Novacaine Green Day
  88. What a Wonderful World Joey Ramone
  89. Aliens Exist blink-182
  90. São Paulo Inocentes
  91. Josie blink-182
  92. Jai Mata Kali, Jai Mata Durge Nina Hagen
  93. In Too Deep Sum 41
  94. Woh Oh, Woh Oh Oh (I Know) Herbrightskies
  95. She Loves Me Not Papa Roach
  96. All I Want The Offspring
  97. Are We The Waiting Green Day
  98. Between Angels And Insects Papa Roach
  99. When It's Time Green Day
  100. Story Of My Life Social Distortion
  101. Age Of Unreason Bad Religion
  102. Medo Cólera
  103. Lust For Life Iggy Pop
  104. Not Now blink-182
  105. Fuck Authority Pennywise
  106. Always and Forever Good Charlotte
  107. Help Papa Roach
  108. Falling Apart Papa Roach
  109. Last Night On Earth Green Day
  110. I Fought The Law The Clash
  111. Lose Your Head Bad Religion
  112. The Violence Rise Against
  113. Married To Life Julia Marcell
  114. Intolerância Inocentes
  115. You Bad Religion
  116. Ocean Avenue Yellowcard
  117. Welcome To Paradise Green Day
  118. Greve Geral Flicts
  119. Bonzo Goes To Bitburg Ramones
  120. Gallowdance Lebanon Hanover
  121. Capitalismo Ratos de Porão
  122. Papai Noel Velho Batuta Garotos Podres
  123. Whatsername Green Day
  124. Sweet Sixteen Billy Idol
  125. Vida E Morte Do Herói Japonês Chamado KU Garotos Podres
  126. Ever Fallen in Love? The Buzzcocks
  127. Reach For The Sky Social Distortion
  128. Beside You Iggy Pop
  129. Longview Green Day
  130. Going Away To College blink-182
  131. I Wanna Live Ramones
  132. Beber Até Morrer Ratos de Porão
  133. No Feelings Sex Pistols
  134. Fat Lip Sum 41
  135. I'm Shipping Up To Boston Dropkick Murphys
  136. Swing Life Away Rise Against
  137. Still Waiting Sum 41
  138. Festa Punk Os Replicantes
  139. Gravity (feat. Maria Brink) Papa Roach
  140. Pity Poor Alfie / Fever JAM
  141. Angel's Wings Social Distortion
  142. Home Is Such a Lonely Place blink-182
  143. O Racismo Não Deve Existir Deserdados
  144. Black Honey Thrice
  145. Hero Of War Rise Against
  146. I'm Lost Without You blink-182
  147. Straight To Hell The Clash
  148. A Death In The Family Sum 41
  149. Not The Only One Papa Roach
  150. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker Ramones
  151. Fuck You Bad Religion
  152. Beat On The Brat Ramones
  153. Igreja Universal Ratos de Porão
  154. Hope Descendents
  155. Generator Bad Religion
  156. Spanish Bombs The Clash
  157. Chernobil Os Replicantes
  158. The Forgotten Green Day
  159. Dumpweed blink-182
  160. Elevate Papa Roach
  161. We Descendents
  162. Direitos Humanos Cólera
  163. Holidays In The Sun Sex Pistols
  164. The Anthem Good Charlotte
  165. Behind Closed Doors Rise Against
  166. Satellite Rise Against
  167. The River Good Charlotte
  168. Don't You (Forget About Me) Billy Idol
  169. I Want You To Want Me Letters To Cleo
  170. Strength To Endure Ramones
  171. Beat Your Heart Out The Distillers
  172. Give It All Rise Against
  173. Waiting Green Day
  174. Vomitaram No Trem Garotos Podres
  175. Pretty Little Girl blink-182
  176. Bodies Sex Pistols
  177. Brasília Plebe Rude
  178. Minority Green Day
  179. Desmascarar Sua Bandeira Flicts
  180. I Wanna Be Your Dog The Stooges
  181. Americana The Offspring
  182. Vou Fazer Cocô Garotos Podres
  183. Best of Me Sum 41
  184. St. Jimmy Green Day
  185. 21st Century (Digital Boy) Bad Religion
  186. Nice Guys Finish Last Green Day
  187. Havana Affair Ramones
  188. Green Hair Supla
  189. Nothing To Lose Billy Talent
  190. Do You Wanna Dance? Ramones
  191. Rockaway Beach Ramones
  192. I Was Wrong Social Distortion
  193. She's the One Ramones
  194. Lights and Sounds Yellowcard
  195. Repente Plebe Rude
  196. Astronauta Os Replicantes
  197. Oh Bondage, Up Yours! X-ray Spex
  198. Ramona Ramones
  199. A Todo Anarquista Flicts
  200. Rock My Heart Fonzie
  201. Wrecking Hotel Rooms Mxpx
  202. Oi! Tudo Bem? Garotos Podres
  203. Dear Bobbie Yellowcard
  204. Train In Vain The Clash
  205. Escombros Inocentes
  206. Everytime I Look For You blink-182
  207. Miséria e Fome Inocentes
  208. Damage Fit For Rivals
  209. Babes Of The 80's Lebanon Hanover
  210. Censura Plebe Rude
  211. 21st Century Breakdown Green Day
  212. Help Is On The Way Rise Against
  213. Disconnected Face To Face
  214. Commando Ramones
  215. Hollywood Whore Papa Roach
  216. Bro Hymn Tribute Pennywise
  217. Pieces In Pieces
  218. Farsa Nacionalista Ratos de Porão
  219. Warning Green Day
  220. Burnout Green Day
  221. Expresso Da Escravidão Ratos de Porão
  222. Ignorance Is Bliss Ramones
  223. Nellie The Elephant The Toy Dolls
  224. The Hell Song Sum 41
  225. Lost In The Supermarket The Clash
  226. Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya Dropkick Murphys
  227. Ruby Soho Rancid
  228. Hurricane Thrice
  229. The Chronicles Of Life And Death Good Charlotte
  230. Time Bomb Rancid
  231. Born For Greatness Papa Roach
  232. Staring At The Sun The Offspring
  233. Pretty Vacant Sex Pistols
  234. Revolution Radio Green Day
  235. Tage Wie Diese Die Toten Hosen
  236. Predictable Good Charlotte
  237. Violence blink-182
  238. Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? The Offspring
  239. Lei do Silêncio Ratos de Porão
  240. California blink-182
  241. Make It Stop (September's Children) Rise Against
  242. Ordinary World Green Day
  243. Never Met A Girl Like You Before Iggy Pop
  244. Reckless Abandon blink-182
  245. M+M's blink-182
  246. Hall Of Mirrors The Distillers
  247. Original Prankster The Offspring
  248. Some Say Sum 41
  249. Smooth Criminal Alien Ant Farm
  250. Aids, Pop, Repressão Ratos de Porão
  251. The Guns Of Brixton The Clash
  252. Have You Ever The Offspring
  253. Without Love Descendents
  254. Know Your Enemy Green Day
  255. Golden Brown The Stranglers
  256. Man Overboard blink-182
  257. I'm Sick Of You Iggy Pop
  258. Rock 'n' Roll High School Ramones
  259. Love Kills Ramones
  260. Know Your Rights The Clash
  261. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. Ramones
  262. How It Ends DeVotchka
  263. I Just Wanna Live Good Charlotte
  264. Fall Back Down Rancid
  265. Cry For Love Iggy Pop
  266. Hold On Good Charlotte
  267. Mutt blink-182
  268. Believe Yellowcard
  269. Wishing Well blink-182
  270. The Future Is Now The Offspring
  271. Make Me Cum Mindless Self Indulgence
  272. Aos Fuzilados Da C.S.N. Garotos Podres
  273. Randy Dandy-oh The Dreadnoughts
  274. What Happened To You? The Offspring
  275. Do The Paranoid Style Bad Religion
  276. Hang The DJ (Panic) The Business
  277. If I Ever Leave This World Alive Flogging Molly
  278. Alien Lebanon Hanover
  279. Sandina Os Replicantes
  280. Breathing Yellowcard
  281. The Rock Show blink-182
  282. Extraordinary Girl Green Day
  283. Penguins And Polarbears Millencolin
  284. Gotta Get Away The Offspring
  285. Retrocesso Ratos de Porão
  286. Nunca Fomos Tão Brasileiros Plebe Rude
  287. Punk Rock Song Bad Religion
  288. Surfin' Bird Ramones
  289. Johnny Garotos Podres
  290. I Love You Ramones
  291. Judy Is A Punk Ramones
  292. Et Si Tu N'existais Pas Iggy Pop
  293. It's Gonna Be Alright Ramones
  294. Ele Quer Ser Punk Os Replicantes
  295. Macy's Day Parade Green Day
  296. 7-11 Ramones
  297. Can't Repeat The Offspring
  298. Out For Blood Sum 41
  299. Amazônia Nunca Mais Ratos de Porão
  300. Blind Face To Face
  301. Save Me Now Billy Idol
  302. Dirty Magic The Offspring
  303. Anthem Part 2 blink-182
  304. Days Go By The Offspring
  305. Empty Apartment Yellowcard
  306. Getting Away With Murder Papa Roach
  307. Minha Renda Plebe Rude
  308. Homecoming Green Day
  309. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Ramones
  310. True Brew Millencolin
  311. Boy Do Subterrâneo Os Replicantes
  312. Humanos Supla
  313. Maconha Mukeka di Rato
  314. Search And Destroy Iggy Pop
  315. Naturträne Nina Hagen
  316. Chip The Real Mckenzies
  317. O Futuro É Vórtex Os Replicantes
  318. Float Flogging Molly
  319. Stockholm Syndrome blink-182
  320. I Melt With You Modern English
  321. Please Take Me Home blink-182
  322. Hitchin' a Ride Green Day
  323. City Of Angels The Distillers
  324. Brain Stew Green Day
  325. Chaos From Within Bad Religion
  326. Cynical blink-182
  327. I Just Want To Have Something To Do Ramones
  328. Brutal Love Green Day
  329. Wonderlust King Gogol Bordello
  330. I'm Bored Iggy Pop
  331. 53rd & 3rd Ramones
  332. Eu Vou Orar Paulinho Sá
  333. Mony Mony Billy Idol
  334. Who Do You Trust? Papa Roach
  335. Story Of A Lonely Guy blink-182
  336. Same Old Story Pennywise
  337. Put Your Hands On My Shoulder Good Charlotte
  338. Bad Luck Social Distortion
  339. My Way Sid Vicious
  340. Pinhead Ramones
  341. 1985 Bowling For Soup
  342. Don't Drag Me Down Social Distortion
  343. Good good things Descendents
  344. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous Good Charlotte
  345. Death Or Glory The Clash
  346. We Believe Good Charlotte
  347. ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl) Green Day
  348. All Of This blink-182
  349. The Answer Bad Religion
  350. Misery blink-182
  351. Life's A Gas Ramones
  352. Carousel blink-182
  353. Walking Alone Green Day
  354. Nem Todo Brasileiro Que Gosta de Futebol Gosta do Neymar Merda
  355. We Want The Airwaves Ramones
  356. When I Get Old Descendents
  357. Pátria Amada Inocentes
  358. Half-Truism The Offspring
  359. Beyond The Pines Thrice
  360. Too Dumb To Die Green Day
  361. Um Sonho Não Se Pode Destruir Flicts
  362. Redundant Green Day
  363. Parabéns Pra Você Merda
  364. A Walk Bad Religion
  365. My Way Sex Pistols
  366. Mancha Garotos Podres
  367. Amanda Green Day
  368. Tenho Pena Dos Insetos Que Me Picam Merda
  369. Johnny Vai à Guerra Plebe Rude
  370. Fogo Cruzado Fogo Cruzado
  371. San Diego blink-182
  372. Silly Girl Descendents
  373. Problems Sex Pistols
  374. O Mundo Não Para De Girar Garotos Podres
  375. I Want You Around Ramones
  376. Bang Bang Green Day
  377. Asthenia blink-182
  378. Till The End of Time DeVotchka
  379. Marquee Moon Television
  380. Luzes Plebe Rude
  381. Radio Rancid
  382. Surrender Billy Talent
  383. I Just Called To Say I Love You Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
  384. Bad Habit The Offspring
  385. Ball And Chain Social Distortion
  386. Sadness is Rebellion Lebanon Hanover
  387. Stand By Me Pennywise
  388. The Meaning Of Life The Offspring
  389. Qual Violência Cólera
  390. Real Wild Child Iggy Pop
  391. Tom & Jerry Os Replicantes
  392. She's a Rebel Green Day
  393. I'm The One Descendents
  394. Cold Feelings Social Distortion
  395. Green Day Green Day
  396. Light Up The Sky Yellowcard
  397. Before I Die Papa Roach
  398. I Don't Care Ramones
  399. Surfista Calhorda Os Replicantes
  400. Too Much, Too Soon Green Day
  401. Pulling Teeth Green Day
  402. Drama Queen Green Day
  403. Time To Relax The Offspring
  404. Cala a Boca Inocentes
  405. Gimme The Sweet And Lowdown Social Distortion
  406. Miracle Rise Against
  407. She's Got Issues The Offspring
  408. Bad Religion Bad Religion
  409. A Internacional Garotos Podres
  410. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams / Wonderwall Green Day
  411. Anthem blink-182
  412. Gimme Danger Iggy Pop
  413. True North Bad Religion
  414. The Kids Are Alt-Right Bad Religion
  415. Scattered Green Day
  416. Dear Lover Social Distortion
  417. May 16 Lagwagon
  418. Coming For You The Offspring
  419. Deixe a Terra Em Paz! Cólera
  420. When The Angels Sing Social Distortion
  421. The Approach Bad Religion
  422. No Future blink-182
  423. We're A Happy Family Ramones
  424. Don't Leave Me blink-182
  425. Ghost On The Dance Floor blink-182
  426. Hunger The Distillers
  427. Dysentery Gary blink-182
  428. Head In The Ceiling Fan Title Fight
  429. Soundtrack Yellowcard
  430. Blood Brothers Papa Roach
  431. Periscope (feat. Skylar Grey) Papa Roach
  432. California Sun Ramones
  433. Pânico em SP Inocentes
  434. Awful Things Good Charlotte
  435. Cradle Of Love Billy Idol
  436. Subúrbio Operário Garotos Podres
  437. Face Everything And Rise Papa Roach
  438. She's A Sensation Ramones
  439. I Don't Want You Ramones
  440. Love Is Dangerous blink-182
  441. Arrancacorazones Attaque 77
  442. Straight Edge Minor Threat
  443. End Of History Bad Religion
  444. Police And Thieves The Clash
  445. May 16th Lagwagon
  446. Let's Go Ramones
  447. Mercy Me Alkaline Trio
  448. In My Eyes Minor Threat
  449. Walking Disaster Sum 41
  450. Drain The Blood The Distillers
  451. 2000 Light Years Away Green Day
  452. Minha Escolinha Mukeka di Rato
  453. I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore Rise Against
  454. War Sum 41
  455. Break Into Your Heart (feat. Josh Homme) Iggy Pop
  456. Everchanging Rise Against
  457. Idiota Bosta Rala
  458. Bye Bye Baby Ramones
  459. The Rest Of My Life Less Than Jake
  460. We're All To Blame Sum 41
  461. Shanti Mantra Nina Hagen
  462. I'm Gay Bowling For Soup
  463. Never Gonna Die Pennywise
  464. Amy Green Day
  465. Kiss Me Until My Lips Fall Off Lebanon Hanover
  466. Struck a Nerve Bad Religion
  467. She Talks To Rainbows Ramones
  468. Love Is Paranoid The Distillers
  469. Submission Sex Pistols
  470. O Único Caminho Velho
  471. Direito De Fumar Ratos de Porão
  472. Pennywise Pennywise
  473. Fernandinho Viadinho Garotos Podres
  474. Far From Perfect Rise Against
  475. Society Pennywise
  476. I Wanna Be Well Ramones
  477. ¡Viva La Gloria! Green Day
  478. Minor Threat Minor Threat
  479. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World Ramones
  480. A Santa Igreja Mercenárias
  481. Garoto Podre Garotos Podres
  482. Better Off Dead Bad Religion
  483. No One Like You Lagwagon
  484. What Tomorrow Brings Bad Religion
  485. Flesh For Fantasy Billy Idol
  486. No Reason Sum 41
  487. Bundy Animal Alpha
  488. Restless Heart Syndrome Green Day
  489. (Can't Get My) Head Around You The Offspring
  490. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl Good Charlotte
  491. After The Party The Menzingers
  492. Sober blink-182
  493. Anos de Luta Plebe Rude
  494. Feelings The Offspring
  495. Hippie-Punk-Rajneesh Os Replicantes
  496. Onde Os Fracos Não Tem Vez Zumbis do Espaço
  497. Under The Knife Rise Against
  498. Duckpond Millencolin
  499. I Won't Lie Down Face To Face
  500. Audience Of One Rise Against
  501. I Just Wanna Die FIDLAR
  502. No Fun The Stooges
  503. ...To Be Loved Papa Roach
  504. Candidate Bad Religion
  505. F.O.D (Fuck Off And Die) Green Day
  506. Nothing With You Descendents
  507. No Direction Bad Religion
  508. Los Angeles Is Burning Bad Religion
  509. Crying On Saturday Night Michale Graves
  510. Nicotina Os Replicantes
  511. Old Friend Rancid
  512. Anarkophobia Ratos de Porão
  513. Neat, Neat, Neat The Damned
  514. I Like Fucking Bikini Kill
  515. Mota The Offspring
  516. In This Storm Thrice
  517. Indio Cocalero Merda
  518. Million Miles Away The Offspring
  519. Gimme Danger The Stooges
  520. Lisboa Tara Perdida
  521. Drunken Lullabies Flogging Molly
  522. Underclass Hero Sum 41
  523. Take Back Green Day
  524. Can't You See FIDLAR
  525. Dearly Beloved Bad Religion
  526. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down Ramones
  527. Victory Lap Propagandhi
  528. Moradores De Rua DZK
  529. Come Around Papa Roach
  530. Chinese Rock Ramones
  531. Back In The USA Green Day
  532. The good left undone Rise Against
  533. Hier Kommt Alex Die Toten Hosen
  534. Time To Waste Alkaline Trio
  535. Get Along Gang Gramofocas
  536. Revolution Pennywise
  537. Questioningly Ramones
  538. My Soul Thrice
  539. Town Called Malice JAM
  540. A Ida Plebe Rude
  541. Wart Hog Ramones
  542. Personality Crisis New York Dolls
  543. One Fine Day The Offspring
  544. Skyscraper Bad Religion
  545. Mutação Bullet Bane
  546. Kick Out The Jams MC5
  547. Anthology Thrice
  548. Cretin Hop Ramones
  549. Danny Says Ramones
  550. Midnight Creature Lebanon Hanover
  551. Idiots Are Taking Over Nofx
  552. Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Ramones
  553. Going Down On It (Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Version) Hot Action Cop
  554. Speak of the Devil Sum 41
  555. Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? Ramones
  556. The Devil's Dance Floor Flogging Molly
  557. Palisades Park Ramones
  558. Crash Fit For Rivals
  559. Out of Step Minor Threat
  560. Smash The Offspring
  561. Problems Papa Roach
  562. Bravo Mundo Novo Plebe Rude
  563. Coming Clean Green Day
  564. Cretin Family Ramones
  565. Carne Mukeka di Rato
  566. The Party Song blink-182
  567. Wannsee Die Toten Hosen
  568. Latinoamérica Flicts
  569. Da Da Da Trio
  570. The Magnificent Seven The Clash
  571. Curimatá Bullet Bane
  572. Police On My Back The Clash
  573. The Dark Thrice
  574. Teenage Satellites blink-182
  575. Flowers By The Door Tsol
  576. Let Us Hear Your Voice Pennywise
  577. Obvious blink-182
  578. Take Me Papa Roach
  579. Before The Lobotomy Green Day
  580. Thank You Mom Good Charlotte
  581. Trust In You The Offspring
  582. Leader Of The Broken Hearts Papa Roach
  583. The Ending Papa Roach
  584. Radio Alkaline Trio
  585. Red Flag Billy Talent
  586. Complete Control The Clash
  587. Thanks For Nothing Sum 41
  588. New America Bad Religion
  589. Preciosa Graça Sophia
  590. Like The Angels Rise Against
  591. Up All Night blink-182
  592. Dirt The Stooges
  593. Lifeline Papa Roach
  594. I Love My Computer Bad Religion
  595. I Need Your Love Ramones
  596. Meu Bairro, Minha Rua Flicts
  597. Let's Ride Mxpx
  598. True Trans Soul Rebel Against Me!
  599. Feels Blind Bikini Kill
  600. Beautiful Place Good Charlotte
  601. Século Sinistro Ratos de Porão
  602. Somebody Put Something In My Drink Ramones
  603. Bring Me Home Millencolin
  604. High School Never Ends Bowling For Soup
  605. Desalinhado Tara Perdida
  606. Meine Freunde Die Ärzte
  607. Wait For Me Rise Against
  608. Saddest Smile Lebanon Hanover
  609. Let Yourself Go Green Day
  610. Give Me One Good Reason blink-182
  611. Survive Rise Against
  612. Teenage Lobotomy Ramones
  613. Blood, Sex And Booze Green Day
  614. King For a Day Green Day
  615. Anxiety Ramones
  616. Rough Landing, Holly Yellowcard
  617. Hollow Sky Lebanon Hanover
  618. I Was A Teenage Anarchist Against Me!
  619. Amparo Bullet Bane
  620. From Heads Unworthy Rise Against
  621. Always The Sun The Stranglers
  622. Not The Same Bodyjar
  623. Never Wanted To Dance Mindless Self Indulgence
  624. Águia Filhote Cólera
  625. Schrei nach Liebe Die Ärzte
  626. The Ballad Millencolin
  627. Journey To The End Of The East Bay Rancid
  628. Perfection Is Boring Millencolin
  629. Conflito Violento Ratos de Porão
  630. Cabbies On Crack Ramones
  631. Climbing The Stairs Conflict
  632. O Sentir Que Violenta Cosmogonia
  633. Meu Milagre Vai Chegar Paulinho Sá
  634. Just Breathe Thrice
  635. She's The Prettiest Girl At Party And She Can Prove It With a Solid Right Hook Frank Iero
  636. Isto é Olho Seco Olho Seco
  637. Dia e Noite, Noite e Dia Cólera
  638. Can't Repeat The Offspring
  639. God's Love Bad Religion
  640. A Letter To Elise blink-182
  641. 6/8 blink-182
  642. Linoleum Nofx
  643. Zero Zero UFO Ramones
  644. X-Kid Green Day
  645. Cruel To Be Kind Letters To Cleo
  646. O Chamado da Estrada Zumbis do Espaço
  647. Winners And Losers Social Distortion
  648. Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner The Business
  649. I'm Sorry blink-182
  650. Another Girl Another Planet blink-182
  651. Fingers Crossed Millencolin
  652. Stay Free The Clash
  653. Voices Off Camera Rise Against
  654. Bullion Millencolin
  655. Girl All The Bad Guys Want Bowling For Soup
  656. Start Wearing Purple Gogol Bordello
  657. She Loves Me Descendents
  658. Time Has Come Today Ramones
  659. All My Friends Are Dead Turbonegro
  660. Good Old Days blink-182
  661. I Need Somebody The Stooges
  662. All My Friends Are Nobodies Zebrahead
  663. Your Pain Is Mine Now Title Fight
  664. Punk Rock Bulimia
  665. Ninguém Presta Tolerância Zero
  666. Clampdown The Clash
  667. Over My Head (Better Off Dead) Sum 41
  668. Flashlight The Front Bottoms
  669. A Mesma Velha História Velho
  670. Listen To My Heart Ramones
  671. Sunday You Need Love Monday Be Alone Trio
  672. Don't Call Me White Nofx
  673. Hammerhead The Offspring
  674. Even If She Falls blink-182
  675. A-Ten Millencolin
  676. Newton Misantropo Velho
  677. Genocide The Offspring
  678. Porque Eu Só Quero Comer Você Supla
  679. Easy Target blink-182
  680. Buzzer Millencolin
  681. We Save The World The Avengers
  682. Going Out In Style Dropkick Murphys
  683. Roots Radicals Rancid
  684. Working Class Heroes Evil Conduct
  685. Sassafras Roots Green Day
  686. Fuck Time Green Day
  687. Heróis Da Nação Falida Mukeka di Rato
  688. Velhas Fotos Tequila Baby
  689. Every Single Day Pennywise
  690. In The End Green Day
  691. Main Man Ramones
  692. Bored For Life Green Day
  693. Animal Mukeka di Rato
  694. Almost Bowling For Soup
  695. Quanto Vale A Liberdade? Cólera
  696. Desculpa, Meu Amor Os Replicantes
  697. Only Of You Green Day
  698. E.M.I. Sex Pistols
  699. No Me Arrepiento De Este Amor Attaque 77
  700. Long Lost Feeling blink-182
  701. True Believers Bouncing Souls
  702. Defy You The Offspring
  703. Noots Sum 41
  704. Re-Education (Through Labor) Rise Against
  705. Pala Tute Gogol Bordello
  706. Stare At The Sun Thrice
  707. Punk Rock HardCore Devotos
  708. Nightclubbing Iggy Pop
  709. Pedofilia Santa Ratos de Porão
  710. East Jesus Nowhere Green Day
  711. Wish Alien Ant Farm
  712. Red Hot Moon Rancid
  713. Prison Bound Social Distortion
  714. You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory Johnny Thunders
  715. Hold On Green Day
  716. Lute Pela Sua Vida Bulimia
  717. Numb, But I Still Feel It Title Fight
  718. Way Away Yellowcard
  719. Still Swingin' Papa Roach
  720. Peaceful Day Pennywise
  721. My Bloody Valentine Good Charlotte
  722. Deturpação Divina Mukeka di Rato
  723. Tragedy + Time Rise Against
  724. Em Nosso Coração Flicts
  725. Agressão/Repressão Ratos de Porão
  726. Say Goodbye Green Day
  727. The Only Thing That Matters blink-182
  728. Somebody To Love Ramones
  729. Troubled Times Green Day
  730. Actual Pain Good Charlotte
  731. Clean With Passion For Now Crying Nut
  732. London Skinhead Crew Booze & Glory
  733. Homem Inimigo Do Homem Ratos de Porão
  734. All By Myself Green Day
  735. Missing You Green Day
  736. Los Angeles X
  737. Arrasa Bi Supla
  738. Inimigo Mercenárias
  739. Denial, Revisited The Offspring
  740. Time And Time Again Papa Roach
  741. You're Gonna Kill That Girl Ramones
  742. Lazy Bones Green Day
  743. Untitled blink-182
  744. Cura Bullet Bane
  745. We're Coming Back Cock Sparrer
  746. Liberte-se! Bulimia
  747. Suffer Bad Religion
  748. Parking Lot blink-182
  749. Cheiro de Rosas Paulinho Sá
  750. La Folie The Stranglers
  751. Can't Seem To Make You Mine Ramones
  752. Verme Garotos Podres
  753. O Charada Brasileiro Supla
  754. Out of time Ramones
  755. Cigarettes And Valentines Green Day
  756. Nothing Millencolin
  757. Why Can't I Touch It? The Buzzcocks
  758. Because You're Young Cock Sparrer
  759. My Medication Papa Roach
  760. Letterbomb Green Day
  761. Forever Friends Masaaki Endoh
  762. Ready To Fall Rise Against
  763. Here's Your Letter blink-182
  764. Heart's All Gone blink-182
  765. Alles Passiert Die Toten Hosen
  766. Kill The Dj Green Day
  767. Sonic Reducer Dead Boys
  768. Scooby-doo Where Are You? Mxpx
  769. Funeral Mágiko Velho
  770. Pela Paz Cólera
  771. Don't Bust My Chops Ramones
  772. Roller Coaster blink-182
  773. Provérbios do Inferno Mercenárias
  774. Sense & Sensibility Millencolin
  775. Everything Sux Descendents
  776. I want Face To Face
  777. Baby, I'm An Anarchist! Against Me!
  778. Boxing Day blink-182
  779. Janie Jones The Clash
  780. Bankrobber The Clash
  781. Bad Habits FIDLAR
  782. A Rima Das Cores Gramofocas
  783. Seu Jogo Plebe Rude
  784. Glad To See You Go Ramones
  785. No One Knows Green Day
  786. Don't Call Me White Rancid
  787. What Went Wrong? blink-182
  788. When I Was Young blink-182
  789. Hallelujah Fit For Rivals
  790. The Artist In The Ambulance Thrice
  791. Eu Não Gosto do Governo Garotos Podres
  792. Gold Iggy Pop
  793. Farewell My Hell Millencolin
  794. Heard That Sound Mxpx
  795. Anarquia Oi! Garotos Podres
  796. American Dreams Papa Roach
  797. I Miss Ya Fonzie
  798. Won't Somebody Bad Religion
  799. All's Quiet On The Eastern Front Ramones
  800. Don't Worry About Me Joey Ramone
  801. Dick Lips blink-182
  802. Injection Rise Against
  803. Juventude Perdida Ratos de Porão
  804. Alecrim Censurados
  805. Stickin' In My Eye Rancid
  806. Fallen Leaves Billy Talent
  807. Jimmy Neutron Theme Song Bowling For Soup
  808. Rock De Subúrbio Garotos Podres
  809. Sentir Ódio e Nada Mais Ratos de Porão
  810. Sinister Rouge Bad Religion
  811. No Brains Sum 41
  812. Psycho Therapy Ramones
  813. Joyriding Frank Iero
  814. American Eulogy Green Day
  815. Palpebrite Cólera
  816. Sexo e Karatê Plebe Rude
  817. I Want To Conquer The World Bad Religion
  818. Afraid Of Heights Billy Talent
  819. Catch My Fall Billy Idol
  820. Wasting Time blink-182
  821. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue Ramones
  822. Rinha de Magnata Mukeka di Rato
  823. Lobotomia Lobotomia
  824. The Green Fields Of France (No Man's Land) Dropkick Murphys
  825. Kick In The Teeth Papa Roach
  826. Nazi-tolíces Mukeka di Rato
  827. Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day Bowling For Soup
  828. Tommy Gun The Clash
  829. Blood From A Stone Booze & Glory
  830. Fight Till You Die Pennywise
  831. Animal Boy Ramones
  832. 1,000 Hours Green Day
  833. I Won't Let It Happen Ramones
  834. Chegou A Hora Bulimia
  835. Nada Puede Malir Sal Sullivan
  836. Altes Fieber Die Toten Hosen
  837. Carry On Booze & Glory
  838. New Rose The Damned
  839. Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll Ian Dury And The Blockheads
  840. Broken Hearts for You and Me Trio
  841. Stumbling West Thrice
  842. That's Entertainment JAM
  843. Totally Tot Lebanon Hanover
  844. Seneca Falls The Distillers
  845. Left Alone blink-182
  846. Walla Walla The Offspring
  847. So Long, Goodbye Sum 41
  848. Having a Blast Green Day
  849. Varinha de Condão Vírus 27
  850. Option To Repression Bullet Bane
  851. Haverá Futuro? Olho Seco
  852. Nasci Hoje Tara Perdida
  853. Hey, I'm Sorry blink-182
  854. Jimmy Jazz The Clash
  855. Young And Doomed Frank Iero
  856. I Don't Like Me Anymore Nofx
  857. Se O Tempo Voltasse Detrito Federal
  858. I'm Alive Johnny Thunders
  859. Reject Green Day
  860. The Day That I Die Good Charlotte
  861. Fell For You Green Day
  862. Autogestão Flicts
  863. Leaving Jesusland Nofx
  864. Funcionários Cólera
  865. Oh Oh I Love Her So Ramones
  866. Outlaws Green Day
  867. Dogs Eating Dogs blink-182
  868. How I Go Yellowcard
  869. 80 Green Day
  870. No Fun Sex Pistols
  871. My Dying Bride Blitzkid
  872. O Homem Negro Inocentes
  873. Big Black Dog Bad Religion
  874. Church On Sunday Green Day
  875. At The library Green Day
  876. We Are The Champions Green Day
  877. Kustapassaaessedrmobral Mukeka di Rato
  878. Visual É Tudo Mukeka di Rato
  879. Online Songs blink-182
  880. Alles Aus Liebe Die Toten Hosen
  881. Miles Apart Yellowcard
  882. Revanche Calibre 12
  883. Wich Side Are You On Dropkick Murphys
  884. Caos Mental Geral Cólera
  885. Dead Cell Papa Roach
  886. Feel Like Home Papa Roach
  887. Private Eye Alkaline Trio
  888. Machine Gun Blues Social Distortion
  889. Born To Die In Berlin Ramones
  890. The Crusher Ramones
  891. Where Am I? Title Fight
  892. Secret Weapon Mxpx
  893. Johnny Be Good Green Day
  894. Stupid Kid Alkaline Trio
  895. Bullshit Rise Against
  896. No Waves FIDLAR
  897. Last Letter Home Dropkick Murphys
  898. Going To Pasalacqua Green Day
  899. Viking Death March Billy Talent
  900. The Season's Upon Us Dropkick Murphys
  901. Daedalus Thrice
  902. The Long Defeat Thrice
  903. Choque Os Replicantes
  904. The Grouch Green Day
  905. Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love) Ramones
  906. Movies Alien Ant Farm
  907. Nosso Corpo Não Nos Pertence Bulimia
  908. Às Vezes O Diabo é Mais Gente Boa Do Que Deus Mukeka di Rato
  909. Cuspir Em Tudo Flicts
  910. Bob Nofx
  911. One More Day Descendents
  912. I Almost Told You That Loved You Papa Roach
  913. Pressão Social Plebe Rude
  914. Mulher Enrustida Os Replicantes
  915. Baptized By Fire Spinnerette
  916. Broken Home Papa Roach
  917. A Better Bridge Thrice
  918. A-ok Face To Face
  919. Violins Lagwagon
  920. Shut Me Up Mindless Self Indulgence
  921. Guilty Of Being White Minor Threat
  922. Do What You Want Bad Religion
  923. Grande Bosta Ratos de Porão
  924. Dancing For Rain Rise Against
  925. Ha Ha Ha Flipper
  926. Eu Inocentes
  927. Amigo Hambúrguer Supla
  928. Wrong Way Kids Bad Religion
  929. Fever For The Flava Hot Action Cop
  930. House On Fire Rise Against
  931. Orgasm Addict The Buzzcocks
  932. 9 Lives Mad Sin
  933. Something To Believe In Ramones
  934. Dominated Love Slave Green Day
  935. Punishment Fits The Crime Ramones
  936. Diamonds And Guns Transplants
  937. All Black Good Charlotte
  938. Shut Up blink-182
  939. 51 Tequila Baby
  940. All I Have Left Is You The Offspring
  941. Recipe For Hate Bad Religion
  942. I Wanna Be Me Sex Pistols
  943. Pathetic blink-182
  944. Snake Charmer blink-182
  945. Venus Television
  946. The Jester Sum 41
  947. God Song Bad Religion
  948. Platypus (I Hate You) Green Day
  949. Stuck With Me Green Day
  950. Geek Stink Breath Green Day
  951. Forever Now Green Day
  952. Auf Gute Freunde Bohse Onkelz
  953. Voyeur blink-182
  954. Grito de Guerra DZK
  955. In Harm's Way Face To Face
  956. Man With A Mission Bad Religion
  957. New Dark Ages Bad Religion
  958. Sweet 16 Green Day
  959. Quer Ir? Vai! Mukeka di Rato
  960. This Suffering Billy Talent
  961. Last Train Home blink-182
  962. Motivo Pra Lutar Flicts
  963. Thank You Descendents
  964. Códigos Plebe Rude
  965. Morrer Ratos de Porão
  966. Carpe Diem Green Day
  967. 1000 Memories Bad Religion
  968. Prosthetic Head Green Day
  969. Why Are We So Broken (feat. Steve Aoki) blink-182
  970. Descending Angel Michale Graves
  971. Black Eye Millencolin
  972. A Friendly Goodbye Bowling For Soup
  973. Labirinto Bullet Bane
  974. Life Goes On The Damned
  975. What We're All About Sum 41
  976. Old Regime Bad Religion
  977. Suffocate Green Day
  978. This Is Radio Clash The Clash
  979. We Are All We Have The Casualties
  980. I'm Against It Ramones
  981. Publicidade Bulimia
  982. Fall in love with me Iggy Pop
  983. Social Suicide Bad Religion
  984. Melhor Do Que Você Pensa Tequila Baby
  985. Reina Senhor Paulinho Sá
  986. Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell The Offspring
  987. Good Things The Menzingers
  988. Rabbit Hole blink-182
  989. Lover's Rock The Clash
  990. Impavid Bullet Bane
  991. Pay The Man The Offspring
  992. When She Begins Social Distortion
  993. Whatever The Weather Less Than Jake
  994. Can't be Saved Senses Fail
  995. Falling Apart Zebrahead
  996. Myage Descendents
  997. Chump Green Day
  998. Howling At the Moon (Sha-la-la) Ramones
  999. Batata Frita Tara Perdida
  1000. Chance Attaque 77


  1. Green Day Green Day
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  5. The Clash The Clash
  6. Papa Roach Papa Roach
  7. Bad Religion Bad Religion
  8. Billy Idol Billy Idol
  9. Rise Against Rise Against
  10. Sum 41 Sum 41
  11. Iggy Pop Iggy Pop
  12. Plebe Rude Plebe Rude
  13. Ratos de Porão Ratos de Porão
  14. Sex Pistols Sex Pistols
  15. Yellowcard Yellowcard
  16. Garotos Podres Garotos Podres
  17. Good Charlotte Good Charlotte
  18. Social Distortion Social Distortion
  19. Os Replicantes Os Replicantes
  20. Millencolin Millencolin
  21. Supla Supla
  22. Inocentes Inocentes
  23. Descendents Descendents
  24. Pennywise Pennywise
  25. Thrice Thrice
  26. Lebanon Hanover Lebanon Hanover
  27. Cólera Cólera
  28. Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys
  29. Rancid Rancid
  30. Flicts Flicts
  31. Mukeka di Rato Mukeka di Rato
  32. Face To Face Face To Face
  33. The Distillers The Distillers
  34. Bowling For Soup Bowling For Soup
  35. Billy Talent Billy Talent
  36. Alkaline Trio Alkaline Trio
  37. Bullet Bane Bullet Bane
  38. Mxpx Mxpx
  39. Nofx Nofx
  40. Merda Merda
  41. Devotos Devotos
  42. Bikini Kill Bikini Kill
  43. Die Toten Hosen Die Toten Hosen
  44. Trio Trio
  45. Nina Hagen Nina Hagen
  46. The Stooges The Stooges
  47. Tara Perdida Tara Perdida
  48. Lagwagon Lagwagon
  49. Zumbis do Espaço Zumbis do Espaço
  50. Flogging Molly Flogging Molly
  51. The Buzzcocks The Buzzcocks
  52. Joey Ramone Joey Ramone
  53. Tequila Baby Tequila Baby
  54. JAM JAM
  55. Pesadelo Brasileiro Pesadelo Brasileiro
  56. Title Fight Title Fight
  57. Minor Threat Minor Threat
  58. Mindless Self Indulgence Mindless Self Indulgence
  59. DeVotchka DeVotchka
  60. Bulimia Bulimia
  61. Zebrahead Zebrahead
  62. Attaque 77 Attaque 77
  63. Velho Velho
  65. Gogol Bordello Gogol Bordello
  66. Against Me! Against Me!
  67. The Front Bottoms The Front Bottoms
  68. The Stranglers The Stranglers
  69. Die Ärzte Die Ärzte
  70. Less Than Jake Less Than Jake
  71. Blind Pigs Blind Pigs
  72. Frank Iero Frank Iero
  73. Fit For Rivals Fit For Rivals
  74. The Flatliners The Flatliners
  75. Gramofocas Gramofocas
  76. Herbrightskies Herbrightskies
  77. Fonzie Fonzie
  78. Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
  79. Letters To Cleo Letters To Cleo
  80. Cock Sparrer Cock Sparrer
  81. Michale Graves Michale Graves
  82. Mercenárias Mercenárias
  83. Television Television
  84. Discharge Discharge
  85. Alien Ant Farm Alien Ant Farm
  86. The Dreadnoughts The Dreadnoughts
  87. Deserdados Deserdados
  88. Julia Marcell Julia Marcell
  89. Censurados Censurados
  90. Olho Seco Olho Seco
  91. Anti-Flag Anti-Flag
  92. X-ray Spex X-ray Spex
  93. The Damned The Damned
  94. The Toy Dolls The Toy Dolls
  95. Paulinho Sá Paulinho Sá
  96. Propagandhi Propagandhi
  97. The Business The Business
  98. Booze & Glory Booze & Glory
  99. Flema Flema
  100. Fogo Cruzado Fogo Cruzado
  101. Calibre 12 Calibre 12
  102. Blitzkid Blitzkid
  103. Tsol Tsol
  104. DZK DZK
  105. Vírus 27 Vírus 27
  106. Restos de Nada Restos de Nada
  107. Johnny Thunders Johnny Thunders
  108. Bouncing Souls Bouncing Souls
  109. Masaaki Endoh Masaaki Endoh
  110. The Real Mckenzies The Real Mckenzies
  111. Lobotomia Lobotomia
  112. Texticulos de Mary Texticulos de Mary
  113. New York Dolls New York Dolls
  114. Detrito Federal Detrito Federal
  115. La Polla Records La Polla Records
  116. Senses Fail Senses Fail
  117. Hot Action Cop Hot Action Cop
  118. Lixomania Lixomania
  119. MC5 MC5
  120. Sid Vicious Sid Vicious
  121. Dead Boys Dead Boys
  122. In Pieces In Pieces
  123. No Fun At All No Fun At All
  124. Pelebrói Não Sei? Pelebrói Não Sei?
  125. GBH GBH
  126. Agent Orange Agent Orange
  127. The Menzingers The Menzingers
  128. Tolerância Zero Tolerância Zero
  129. Transplants Transplants
  130. Nene Altro e o Mal de Caim Nene Altro e o Mal de Caim
  131. Evil Conduct Evil Conduct
  132. The Casualties The Casualties
  133. C.J. Ramone C.J. Ramone
  134. 2 Minutos 2 Minutos
  135. Sin Dios Sin Dios
  136. Stiff Little Fingers Stiff Little Fingers
  137. Leningrad Leningrad
  138. Corrosion of Conformity Corrosion of Conformity
  139. Amber Pacific Amber Pacific
  140. Modern English Modern English
  141. Juventude maldita Juventude maldita
  142. Grinders Grinders
  143. The Fall The Fall
  144. Mest Mest
  145. Ação Direta Ação Direta
  146. Rotentix Rotentix
  147. X X
  148. Dee Dee Ramone Dee Dee Ramone
  149. Rattus Rattus
  150. Turbonegro Turbonegro
  151. Crass Crass
  152. Los Miserables Los Miserables
  153. Subviventes Subviventes
  154. Kães Vadius Kães Vadius
  155. Bohse Onkelz Bohse Onkelz
  156. Animal Alpha Animal Alpha
  157. Conflict Conflict
  158. Cockney Rejects Cockney Rejects
  159. Ian Dury And The Blockheads Ian Dury And The Blockheads
  160. Mad Sin Mad Sin
  161. Magaivers Magaivers
  162. Dominatrix Dominatrix
  163. Bosta Rala Bosta Rala
  164. The Undertones The Undertones
  165. Mata-Ratos Mata-Ratos
  166. Wednesday 13 Wednesday 13
  167. The Avengers The Avengers
  168. The Swellers The Swellers
  169. Non Servium Non Servium
  170. Greg Graffin Greg Graffin
  171. Bodyjar Bodyjar
  172. Spinnerette Spinnerette
  173. Los Muertos de Cristo Los Muertos de Cristo
  174. Eskorbuto Eskorbuto
  175. Despe e Siga Despe e Siga
  176. Amebix Amebix
  177. Cosmogonia Cosmogonia
  178. Histeria Histeria
  179. The Queers The Queers
  180. Sophia Sophia
  181. Flanders72 Flanders72
  182. Não Religião Não Religião
  183. Menstruação Anarquika Menstruação Anarquika
  184. Gallows Gallows
  185. Kaos 64 Kaos 64
  186. Gob Gob
  187. Screeching Weasel Screeching Weasel
  188. Deluxe Trio Deluxe Trio
  189. Distúrbio Mental Distúrbio Mental
  190. Los Violadores Los Violadores
  191. Crying Nut Crying Nut
  192. Soziedad Alkoholika Soziedad Alkoholika
  193. Eve 6 Eve 6
  194. Tio Che Tio Che
  195. Autopilot Off Autopilot Off
  196. Slick Shoes Slick Shoes
  197. Saves The Day Saves The Day
  198. Plasmatics Plasmatics
  199. Flipper Flipper
  200. The Suicide Machines The Suicide Machines
  201. Street Dogs Street Dogs
  202. Uhul Uhul
  203. Holly Tree Holly Tree
  204. The Vandals The Vandals
  205. Periferia S.A. Periferia S.A.
  206. Wire Wire
  207. Teenage Bottlerocket Teenage Bottlerocket
  208. Horda Punk Horda Punk
  209. Invasores De Cérebros Invasores De Cérebros
  210. La Frontera La Frontera
  211. Os Excluídos Os Excluídos
  212. Matalanamao Matalanamao
  213. Sullivan Sullivan
  214. Ai-5 Ai-5
  215. Bérurier Noir Bérurier Noir
  216. Bambix Bambix
  217. The Last Resort The Last Resort
  218. The Only Ones The Only Ones
  219. Perkele Perkele
  220. Articolo 31 Articolo 31
  221. Generation X Generation X
  222. Stance Punks Stance Punks
  223. Kylesa Kylesa
  224. Flatfoot 56 Flatfoot 56
  225. Varukers Varukers
  226. Extreme Noise Terror Extreme Noise Terror
  227. Subversivos Subversivos
  228. Gang Green Gang Green
  229. Dogwood Dogwood
  230. Saetia Saetia
  231. Broilers Broilers
  232. Allister Allister
  233. MDC MDC
  234. Shaka Ponk Shaka Ponk
  235. Smitten Smitten
  236. Wizo Wizo
  237. The 4-skins The 4-skins
  238. The (International) Noise Conspiracy The (International) Noise Conspiracy
  239. Biônica Biônica
  240. Bullets and Octane Bullets and Octane
  241. Os Thompsons Os Thompsons
  242. Strike Anywhere Strike Anywhere
  243. Pansy Division Pansy Division
  244. Swingin' Utters Swingin' Utters
  245. The Creepshow The Creepshow
  246. Ten Foot Pole Ten Foot Pole
  247. Amado Ramone Amado Ramone
  248. Fitacola Fitacola
  249. Discipline Discipline
  250. Anti-corpos Anti-corpos
  251. The Vibrators The Vibrators
  252. Authority Zero Authority Zero
  253. Espermogramix Espermogramix
  254. Sick sick sinners Sick sick sinners
  255. Bolores Bolores
  256. Luiza Fria Luiza Fria
  257. Contestáticos Contestáticos
  258. Team Dresch Team Dresch
  259. Lunachicks Lunachicks
  260. Good Riddance Good Riddance
  261. Eddie & The Hot Rods Eddie & The Hot Rods
  262. Riistetyt Riistetyt
  263. The Locos The Locos
  264. Garageira Garageira
  265. Slime Slime
  266. Sham 69 Sham 69
  267. Liquid Dookie Liquid Dookie
  268. Consumed Consumed
  269. Angelic Upstarts Angelic Upstarts
  270. Frenzal Rhomb Frenzal Rhomb
  271. Leptospirose Leptospirose
  272. 7 Seconds 7 Seconds
  273. The Unseen The Unseen
  274. 999 999
  275. The Living End The Living End
  276. 88 Fingers Louie 88 Fingers Louie
  277. Schoolyard Heroes Schoolyard Heroes
  278. Muzzarelas Muzzarelas
  279. Fenix TX Fenix TX
  280. Jennifer Rostock Jennifer Rostock
  281. Boobarellas Boobarellas
  282. Cama de Jornal Cama de Jornal
  283. Phobia Punk Rockers Phobia Punk Rockers
  284. Leftover Crack Leftover Crack
  285. Jupiter Jupiter
  286. Bass Drum Of Death Bass Drum Of Death
  287. Koffin Kats Koffin Kats
  288. Avail Avail
  289. Franky Lee Franky Lee
  290. Pinhead Gunpowder Pinhead Gunpowder
  291. Youth Brigade Youth Brigade
  292. Crash Crash
  293. Vision Vision
  294. Stem Stem
  295. Abuso Sonoro Abuso Sonoro
  296. Mira Mira
  297. Chaos Uk Chaos Uk
  298. Diesel Boy Diesel Boy
  299. The Undead The Undead
  300. Stroke 9 Stroke 9
  301. Repressão Social Repressão Social
  302. Oi Polloi Oi Polloi