It's getting harder and harder
Getting the money you need to surviv
Kept in line by the grocer's daughter
Undervalued and undermined

Your way of living, for you it has a meaning
There is nobody that can tell you that you're dreaming
It's your lifestyle complicated by life
There ain't nobody that can steal it with hype, no way

Don't let them tell you that you can't get it
If you want it, 'cos you can
If you try (oh yeah) but you must try

Oh the government, some truth, more lies
Who knows the reasons, the reasons why
Not for the people not for you and me
In this land of plenty there is nothing for free
I can't believe what they will achieve
How can you believe when you don't receive
It's a fact, yes a fact, a matter of fact
They look you in the face you know
They stab you in the back

Don't let them tell you, you can't get it
If you want,'cos you can
If you try (oh yeah) but you must try

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