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Brown Eyes


Yeah, uh uh
Yeah, uh uh
Don't look at me like that
I can't resist those eyes
Those shits are crazy, uh uh uh, damn

1 - Something about the way you look
You're giving me the chills so bad
Oh baby, I'm shook
I'm trying to compose myself cause baby I'm hooked
So fly, your pretty brown eyes

(Break it down)
It was a Sunday afternoon
When I laid eyes on you
Could it be true
I knew I had to have you
I had to keep to myself
The feelings that I feel for you
Cause baby you know

2 - As you're talking to me
It seems I could not look away
I told myself don't fight it, no
Your eyes told me to stay here baby

Repeat 1

I never thought it could be true
Love at first sight you see
That's not like me, no
Your love is so different
(It was your eyes baby)
The way you looked at me
I had to talk to you, yeah

Repeat 2
Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Yeah, uh huh, yeah
Uh, tear me up
Uh, you like that brown eye?
Uh, I like that brown thigh
Uh, I like the plan B
Roll up in the coupe of the 5CC
Uh huh, I can see we goin' somewhere
Navigate the 5 while I'm pullin' your hair
Uh, cop the 9 while I put it in gear, gear

Repeat 1 until fade

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