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Hard To Say Goodbye


It's hard to say goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

I thought if I found some new friends
It would be enough to lose your love from my mind
It still hurts sometimes
But my heart's telling me that it's time for new strategy
Cause when you left me, you took from me
You took all the love in my life
And it's hard to say goodbye

1 - It's hard to say goodbye
Say goodbye, say goodbye
Say goodbye to you
Say goodbye, say goodbye

Repeat 1

I cherished your love just like mama taught me to
She taught me to love you right
I made you my life (You were my life)
I wanted to be your wife forever
Whatever it was that I did or didn't do
I really wish I knew, I wish I had a clue
Cause I'm really missing you in my life

There used to be sunny days
You took all my love away
I can't get my mind off you
I don't know what to do
I don't know what to do, but it's

Repeat 1 (2x)

Why did you say
Why did you say

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