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Hurry Up


[Mo] Yo, y'all feelin this, like this look alright?
[Girl1] Yeah, it looks alright if you tryin' to be Britney
[Mo] Uh, one point six honey.. Ooops I did it again
I'm gonna change my, no, I'm going to change
I ain't feelin' it either, aight
[Girl2] Miss Thing, Miss Thing, C'mon, we ready to go?
[Mo] I know you ain't talkin', Cheryl
I know wit yo' slow ass, please
[Girl2] Oh my God
[Mo] Just two, just two seconds, I'm almost done
[Girl2] Yo, hurry up cuz I wanna go get on the dance floor
[Girl1] Oh boy
[Girl2] Damn man, you take forever
[Mo] Hey, we 'spose to meet them like about...
[Girl1] Yeah
[Mo] Yo shhhh, hold up, hold up
I know that's La, don't answer the phone
[Girl2] Mo, then come on, lets go
[Mo] I'm comin', I'm comin', alright
[Girl1] She gon' scream on you

[Man on phone]
Yo Mo, Mo
Mo, this Dana, come on, yo
Don't even front like you're not there
Just hurry up, yo
It's gon' be poppin' down here
I swear, I just saw Vince Carter walk by
I'm at the house, I'mma have to leave you
I can't wait for you no more
Hurry up!

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