I'm hearing the light from the window,
I'm seeing the sound of the sea,
My feet have come loose from their moorings,
I'm feeling quite wonderfully free.

And I think I will travel to Rio
Using the music for flight,
There's nothing I know of in Rio,
But it's something to do with the night.
It's only a whimsical notion
To fly down to Rio tonight,
And I probably won't fly down to Rio,
But then again, I just might.

There's wings to the thought behind fancy,
There's wings to the thought behind play
And dancing to rhythms of laughter
Makes laughter the rhythm of rain.

So I think I will travel...

I feel such a sense of well-being,
The problems have come to be solved,
And what I thought was proper for battle
I see now is proper for love.

So I think I will travel...

Reno? Why Reno?
Not Reno, dummy.
Rio, Rio de Janeiro.

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