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New militia


You don't want us in your city
Cause we're too rough on the street
But we only want to be ourselves
So give us a fucking chance

We're the new militia
And we think for ourselves
We got our way of saying
There has to be a better way
We're the new militia
And we mean what we say
If you don't believe us
Jus tempt us, see what we do

Why do you treat us this way?
Is it because we're not like you?
But don't you know that no one's the same
This is what we stand for

We're not gonna take your shit no more
Now it's time to even the score
If you wonder why we feel this way
It's expressions of reality

If you think we'll agree with you
We dare you to force us to
Since we've got so much to lose
Let us choose for ourselves
Our alternative to hell
Cause we know what we want
So don't stand in our way