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Endless Struggle


They're marching to their doom
Crying to their graves
Some of them, they can walk
But others, they have to crawl

Can you feel the pain
From those who suffer
Can you feed the mouths
Of those who hunger
Can you?
No, I don't believe you can

It's time you face what you've created
Somewhere in the world
Someone is dying just to live
But we can't let this gon on
Human waste children hoping
They'll see a future
You should listen and understand them
For they might show you your fate

Dying just to live
Chances they don't get
Chances they must take
In order for them to make it

For how does it feel
TO say your last goodbyes
Marching to your doom
Crying to your grave
You can dish it out
But can you take it?

What will you be, strong or the weak
Can you be beat, or will you go on?

In this endless struggle that we must face
It's an endless struggle in the world today
It's an endless struggle that we must face
But we will have faith we will go on
Until there is on one, we will be strong
Until we meet our death