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On the crooked edge


Here we go again
Getting out of hand
Have we made you mad
Ahh that's too bad
Out of control again
Breaking the upper hand
We like it so damn much
We want more and more

On the crooked edge

Lurking in the dark
Waiting to explode
When we do you'll know
You'll be the first to go
Loaded and ready
TO blow your ass away
Going in for the kill
Crazy as can be

On the crooked edge
We won't hesitate
To make or break you

Now that we're a threat
Better watch your step
Push you to the hilt
Until you're on the verge
Take away your breath
When you least expect
Going for your throat
And we won't let go

On the crooked edge

Blow up in your face
Put you in your place
Get you by the balls
Up against a wall
You don't stand a chance
Our power will enhance
We got what we need
Bring you to your knees

On the crooked edge
We may be insane
But we get our sweet revenge

On the crooked edge
Something inside of me
It feels the need
To see you die