Spoken: For centuries mankind has propered
Growing strong from rays of light
And pausing, only briefly for
The shadows of the night
Humans take for granted and
On their glowing sky depend
But could we just imagine
If all came to an end!

The sun is falling from the sky
My skin begins to melt and fry
Blinded, strain for another breath
This day will surely end in death

Eternal black dawn
Everything we know is gone
The hand of doom has spawned
Man's eternal black dawn

The earth is hurling of through space
Every human gone without a trace
The planet is burning flames of hell
Oblivion is just as well
Destiny has stopped the sands of time
Mortal man vanished without a sign

Oh god, tell me why
Why do we all deserve to die
Is this the price that we have to pay
For all the destruction man has displayed

The sun has fallen from the sky
Without a warning or reason why
The earth is burning like a sun
So be the wheels of creation
Cosmos has thrust the will to end
So forth and to begin again

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