I alone the traveler, I've seen my destiny.
The earth she spoke in anger and told what was to be.
I foretold the prophets but still they wouldn't see.
The sins of my forefathers forever placed on me.

I've lived a thousand years to be
The one foretold in prophecies.

Calling on the demons who've cast this spell on me.
Raise your curse now from me and grant mortality.
Lead me not to temptation God knows what I have seen.
I have seen the future doomed by humanity.

The past it's voice still haunts me. I know what shall be done.
I search the sky for answers - am I the only one?
Who's forced to bear the burden, the lies of my own son.
Now you know the answer, the battle can't be won.

I've died a thousand times but seen
The fall of man, this blood on me.

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