Gilt by an inner plough
The afflicted facet now adores
Condone with phariseism
Together empty window gores

Traces of denial
The anti-bough I suppressed
A tedious dialogue
Ruined a candid gust in its rest

Those serene funnels came
To circulate
The divulging men of a drought

The diphthongs... I divided
In a tedium's sleep
The arid flood... without
A beech so deep

The awakening in layers
Forced an insolent brook to extrude
Soon the gyves have to cleanse
My inbred period made of wood

Pictures of a human being
No more cloaked in the snow
Holding my fore phase
The touches of a garland echo

The hybrid incidence
A lobe discerns
My metamorphosis
Previously turns

Sagacious flame's... domain
The only mist
Reluctant swords... behave
An eternal tryst

The esprit that shall overwhelm
All fluent mites are between me
The sporadic absolution rives
Bent by this paternity

For seeking through the powder seas
The soil shall feed but not allow
These sacred chariots grown by them
Thwarted in its liquid foe

Signs of a deprivement
My scapes that were sent
Ring in a poignant soul
Being a sudden hole

The prediction for
My last numb beam
Swathes an unveiled heart
To the praise inside my gleam

Leaving all pieces
Are the waves in reluctance
The hallowed vision from
This cruciform semblance


The mourn that segregates
Until a sonorous emotion
Delivered me to find
The hideous plantation

The answer if I should
Ever pre-exist again
Is not to eclipse for
The coming route when...


Shrived by a dour vacuum
The primeval conscience now remits
Endued with nonchalance
Alone aggrieved parchment fits

Bases of an adage
The anti-poem I besought
A frivolous emphasis
Took a cloistered birth in its vault

Those savant declines went
To mortify
The expiring marks of a reign

The splinters... I differed
In a failure's side
The dexterous wall... behind
A dream so wide

My chosen forest of crystal
A bottomless blear serpent - once
Now descends the permanence I act
The somatic cairn never been done

An event from cold distance
The self-false wounds on the day they saw
Pleading the only thirst of a dawn
Shamely to clot, to harden for...

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