During My Hollow Trinity


Past of the southern
Recognizes the only sea
Stream which has reclaimed
Obliges the verbal key

Signs have to expand
Like a term into the waves
North of the grandeur
Proclaims the rainless days

Gloaming awaits me under myself
The lifeless man and the trace itself
Through a thought a coulisse jells
The permeability behind these spells

Tribulation which I feel
On my left side
Immanence of words from
A mouth which has cried

A magnitude of reflections disappeared
Voices of the return sodomize
Unconcern in front of the forest
Howling numbers have passed by


Providence leads to the punishment of the innocent
Swallowed responsibility of the oppressed
In solitude you'll soar


A sun in a packet
Hesitance in control
Son of the outline
From a land of a secular doll

Wind is so rusty
Indomitable and so old
Dusk enters my hand
And the pictures were my fault

The odious shield in a prodicious mask
Peregrine over the ash
Astriction of a mahogany germ
During the time I walk in the term

Screening which I am feeling
On my right side
Predominance of words
From my depth's pride

The apathetic Orient permanenced
The lubrication stimulated a lath
Towards the pumice I will go
And never answer to a relative shame

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