Blemished by haziness
I won't feel the era
They'll imbue my drastic
Face with a curtain

Moment of stupor
My sheen in its tendon
The dance of the dryad
I can't mar the legion

Behind the emblem
The seer in his temple
My eyes, dire crystals
Encircled by the elbow

Illusion the only
Progress in the sorrow
Nefarious tradition
The macrocosm follows

Fill the arduous mask
The noble dreams shall dry
Equipped with a fabulous heart
Is this a dome of mine

I shall now deny
My graveness so deranged
Ineffaceable is the grief
That follows my race

Dried incense
A method of entrance
Hunt for depth
Seeing halls of trance

Bring your scene
To the astral swan
With my peace
I must keep the mark


Under - fertile water I hold
A figure - my subtle seat above
The ground - a transparent blue wind
The words - they segregate for him

For his face
My thought creates
A shore with wisdom
That soon will repeat

My third salute
He sees in me
For the thunder he sings
His story I believe


After the obsessing
My hyphen turned to failure
I mustn't meet a pressing
Need to gaze the rainbow

With thousands of shadows
I'll have to line his echo
Implored by the pyres
His desolation throttles


Until new seasons
They magnify his graph
Saying: "Two forests,
Both of them from the past."

Massive persecution
Fossils fuse by a brook
His breath and solution
They'll take his faith with no look

Now the serpent has gone
The pyramid can be seen
Clamant symbols for the one
That manifolds my heath

Natural memories
Spreading twins of the ion
Lament from my soughing knees
The only version of desire

Save my oath
They will hold my tears
His black goat
Will visualize and sear

My profile
Satan blames the sky
He will sleep
I must realize

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