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Pro Sight

What Is This Force Around Me?
Just Like a Tractor Beam That
Is Always Pulling Me Down
And When I Get the Chance To
To Spill My Guts About You
It's Like a Tape On My Mouth
What Good Am I
If I Just Keep You Quiet?
What Good Am I
If I Don't Speak?
Cuz' I Don't Wanna Be Camouflaged
What I'm Not
Cuz' What I've Got Made the World
I Don't Wanna Be in a Box
All I Want
Is Just to Stop Being Camouflaged
I'm Sick of Trying to Blend
Thinking That I Should Fit In
Like I Am Somebody Else
Why Do I Go Against What I Say
And Come Across Like a Fake
And Keep You All to Myself?
It's Not That I
Wanna Shove It On Somebody
It's Just That I
That I Can't Hide
Ahh.. (I Can't Hide)
Oh, Alright
Ooh Yeah...
Don't Put Me in a Box
Repeat Chorus

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