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I Will Rescue You

Pro Sight

When Your Days Are Dark
And Your Nights Are Cold
When You've Just About
Lost All Your Faith
When Your Will Is Gone
And Your Heart Is Torn
'cause Nothing Is Going Your Way
When the World Has
Got You Trapped
And You Can't Find That Open Door
If You're Ever in a Battle
And You Just Can't Fight no More

[c H o R U S]
I Will Rescue You
I Will Rescue You
I Will Shelter You From the Rain
I Will Dry Your Tears
Cast Away Your Fears
And Bring You to Brighter Days
Whenever You're Lost and Confused
Like a Fairy Tale Come True
I Will Rescue You

If You Ever Feel
That You Can't Go On
When Your Life Just
Becomes Too Hard
And the Dreams You Thought
Were Within Your Reach
Suddenly Seem So Far
When the World Is On Your Case
And You Don't Have
A Place to Run
If the Storm Keeps Getting Stronger
And You Cannot See the Sun

[c H o R U S]

And It Don't Matter Where You Are
I'll Be By Your Side
I'll Be the Rock That You Can Lean On
I'll Be Your Guide

[c H o R U S]

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