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My Friend

Pro Sight

We Are Standing At the Crossroads
And Now It's Time
For You to Go Your Way
And Me to Go Mine
I Will Pray the Lord
Will Keep You Safe
Until the Day I See Your Face Again

[c H o R U S]
My Friend
We Have Been Through So Much
And You Have Been My Godsend
With Your Sure and Steady Love
My Friend
You Know I Will Be There
If You Ever Need
'cause You've Always
Been a Friend to Me

I May Travel the World Over
But One Thing I Know For Sure
One Day This Road Will Lead Me
Back 'round to Your Door
I Will Pray the Lord
Will Keep You Safe
Some Bonds Are Just Too Strong
To Break in the End

[c H o R U S]

Nothing Will Change the Way
I Feel About You
Not the Miles Or the Years
Or the Place This Life Takes Me To

[c H o R U S]

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