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Greatest Night Of My Life

The Rainmakers

It was a one night stand
with a rock 'n' roll band
in a big old room
with a sonic boom
there were a thousand chairs
there were twenty-five there
and the band felt blue
I guess I did too
but we played and played
and when we walked off the stage
I swore I'd just jammed with God
it was the greatest night
of a young boy's life
but the band just thought
I was odd
you never know who
might be watching you
on the greatest night of your life

there was a little old town
I left and I loved
It was one mile square
mighty quiet there
I split for the skies
grew weary and wise
out casting my pearls
all over the world
and I climbed so high
nearly ruined my eyes
trying to see what I could see
and what I saw
was that little old town
was all the world I'd ever need
the truth like a stone
will come crashing home
on the greatest night of your life

there was a girl I loved
in that little old town
we were the best of friends
odd even for then
but we went our ways
and she changed her name
and she changed her tune
changed faces too
and I tried like mad
to recreate what we had
but it wasn't meant to be
and when I finally gave up
that I'd never know love
she was standing
right in front of me
love will arrive
it its own good time
on the greatest time of your life

thanks for being here with me
on the greatest night of my life

Lyrics by Bob Walkenhorst
© 1994 Bob Walkenhorst Music BMI

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