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Little Tiny World

The Rainmakers

I was hanging around London
doing tv
I was singing my heart out
for the BBC
a little girl stopped me
on the street, I thought
to ask for my autograph
and tell me I was hot
she said with a twang
I thought I recognized you
you used to pump my gas
back in old KC Mizzou

it's a little tiny world
it's as funny as can be
everybody's yucking it up
come on this laugh's on me

I went to a party
with my new girl when
we got there we ran into
four of her old boyfriends
one was with my ex-wife
one was with my gay brother
one was with my masseuse
on was with my date's mother
seemed almost everybody there
slept with everybody else
when I figured it all out
I figured I'd slept with myself

it's a little tiny world
just like a little tiny town
everybody knows
everybody's business
and everybody knows
mine's down

well, my ex-wife
she's got a little baby girl
a good job and a Saab
and a New Age world
I really can't blame her
for running off with him
I'd like to marry him too
that is if I liked men
we were wedded for life
she's stuck in my craw
but I wish all the best
to my new husband-in-law


I was stranded in paradise
on an island all alone
I had everything I wanted
but I just wanted to go home
wrote a note in a bottle
and I threw it in the drink
it was on recycled paper
biodegradable ink
and I waited for weeks
for that answer I yearned
don't throw your crap in the ocean
no deposit, no return

Lyrics by Bob Walkenhorst
© 1994 Bob Walkenhorst Music BMI

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