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The One That Got Away

The Rainmakers

Well ever since I've walked I've heard men talk
about the one that got away
I've heard old men call
I've seen young men crawl
For the one that got away
And in their darkest hours
You can hear them say
I'd give all I got
For just one more shot
At the one that got away

I was born on a Tuesday morning'
On a blue wet sunny day
I grew up fast
And I grew up crazy
And I didn't have a lot to say
But I could feel it comin
Closer every day
And I grew older watchin'
Over my shoulder
For the one that got away

My daddy taught me how to work for a livin'
And my mama taught me how to pray
After twenty years of school
I was still a blame fool
Hadn't learned about the world's ways
Lookin' for a rainbow
And a place where I could stay
But more and more
I was lookin' for
The one that got away

Well I did this And I did that
And I guess I did okay
I did whatever I had to do
And I did it in my own way
Whatever hand I drew
Whatever hand I played
From place to place
I come face to face
With the one that got away

Well when I stop
And one day I'll stop
And decide to put it all away
When I total up my winnings
And my losings for the day
Nothing is for certain
Or more certain I will say
In my wildest dreams
There's nothing I've seen
Like the one that got away

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