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Wilder Side

The Rainmakers

Dreamin' in my sleep
about the people that I meet
everyone that's go
a ticket to ride
everyone was there
every one aware
the angels and the devils
were out on the town
we rocked the house last night

well we don't know
where we're goin'
and we won't 'til we arrive
anything can happen
when worlds collide

turn me onto your wilder side
turn me onto your wilder side
turn me onto your wilder side

back when we were young
green and open eyed
you were the queen of everything
my love for you bona fide
the journey is the destination
we're takin' a trip through time
we'll see the world
and the flesh together
we can be home by suppertime

well we don't know
where we're goin'...

Lyrics by Steve Phillips
© 1994 Webelo Ya-Ya Music BMI

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