Everyday Distraction

Red Dons

Everyday something happens
Without warning new distractions
Keeping me from what I'm after
Everyday the same thing happens

I try hard to be a person
That's on a course towards success then
I'm distracted by a vision
I'll never see to fruition

Hold on as time's slipping away
And there isn't anything to show for what I am 'cuz
I've spent my life chasing a dream that's ruined everything
I once had somehow

Somehow someday I'll be fine until then
I find it hard, hard to get by

My love my worth is minimal and it's just criminal
How our time is strained
But I work so hard to get ahead and give you everything that I have

Somehow I just can't explain why I feel
Find it hard, hard to get by

Everyday something happens Everyday something happens
Everyday Distraction
Find me lost as days slip by faster

Everyday it's the same
It takes a piece of me everyday oh-way-oh
Distracted by a dream that seems will only just amount to nothing

Everyday is the same
Take a look at me a tragedy oh-way-oh
Unable to accomplish things of worth a fool, a fraud, a failure

Everyday something happens

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Composição: Douglas Burns / Red Dons. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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