Simply put it's a case of delusional
People who feel they've finally found true love
Which makes it hard
More hard for them than anyone
To be apart isn't love so wonderful

So listen

Though Jah's MIA and we're stranded
In New York the city with the double name
Who are we to come between this kind of thing
Destined to be the love of our century

So basically we're taught
That if he had been caught
It never would had mattered
'cuz his mind was simply lost
'cuz you can't rationalize
With single-minded kinds
He had to go and leave us for love

Oh know, where did you go Romeo

So listen
It took twelve days
For one love
To destroy everything

Sneaking off to with bags
No one knows he's away
Romeo boards a plane
And gets away
At least he's got his priorities straight

Oh know, where did you go Romeo

He's derelict
But a model for all

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Composição: Douglas Burns / Red Dons. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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