Death to your ideals death to them
You'll denounce me but freedom came when
I lost my idealism
And you see that you don't understand
How far I fell

It's all about the mistake that we made
To believe in anything
No, no you see that I don't understand
Your heart this time
How do you no pain

Faces inside, sang me a somber tune
So I escaped outside
Where in my solitude I was struck down from behind
Oh, but what then got to me
Wasn't getting jumped that night
It was when I returned to your cold uncaring eyes
They couldn't have cared if I had died

That night left me alone
And its never felt so cold
With nothing there for me I
Dragged my body my body down the stairs
And out into the cold damp empty streets
Of an ongoing hell I'll tell you now
It's a trick a fix that needs a fix
And the only sign of life was the sound of an ambulance
How can I justify wanting to be in it as it drives by
Taking me where I can rectify everything that's wrong
Where I feel no pain
No pain, everything falls apart and I feel no pain

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Composição: Douglas Burns / Red Dons. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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