Joe & Jenny

joe and jenny
had a good time on a saturday night
do or die for love
joe and jenny
showing off to all their friends
they got the best love in town tonight

the perfect love can be dangerous too
you ought to know just what to do

when you get home tonight turn out the light
do you know what to do when he touches you like fire
when you get home tonight and it feels allright
is it true what he says that it's gonna be allright

jenny's all rocked up
in a dress so tight she might as well be naked
movin' nice
(good time on a saturday night)
joe is cool as ice tonight
in the mirror by the bar he watching her
ready to bite bite



we've given a life of you own
don't have to live it like a storm

cold nights get warm enough
when your body becomes a passion machine
you know they're watching

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Composição: K.E.Øsgård / K.E.Østgård. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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